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Nigeria: Anti-Boko Haram Militia Releases Own Child Recruits

South Africa: Citizens Want Foreign Passports As A ‘Plan B’

Kenya: China, Kenya Relations And The Question Of Racial Discrimination

Nigeria: 2019 – How Nigerians Reacted To Atiku’s Choice Of Peter Obi As Running Mate

Congo-Kinshasa: Un Worker Among Sharp Increase In Ebola Caseload

Eritrea: Human Rights Concerns Persist Months After Peace Deals

Africa: Climb For Albinism: 6 Women Challenge Stereotypes On Africa’s Highest Peak

Africa: Can Big Money And Big Data Make Famine A Thing Of The Past?

Kenya: Uhuru’s Bff ‘Celina’ Reveals What She Said To The President Which Tickled Him This Much

Kenya: Avril In Trouble For Posting Picture Of Maribe’s Son On Social Media

South Africa: Seven Children Rescued From Ex-Seven Angels’ Cult Follower

Suicide Bombers Kill At Least Three In Southern Somali City

Uganda Landslide Near Mount Elgon Kills More Than 30


Fear Of Rising Deaths From US Hurricane

US Pastor Freed By Turkey Meets Trump

Pastor A ‘Pawn In Personal Feud’

Turkey And US Lock Horns As Relations Sour

US Bank Gains Help Lift Share Markets

Pope Accepts US Archbishop’s Resignation

Fear Of Rising Deaths From US Hurricane

Understanding The Most Dangerous Cities

Can Cooperatives Save America’s Small Farms?


Heeding China’s Call, Hong Kong Tightens Grip On Dissent

 Air India Plane Hits Wall On Take-Off

Indian Sewers: Dalits Or ‘Untouchables’ Unblock Sewers By Hand — Video

China Legalises ‘Re-Education Camps’ For ‘Religious Extremists’ In Xinjiang

‘We Are Treated Like Ants’: Workers Giving Lives To Build Chinese Cities

Indonesia Quake: ‘Real Heroism’ Helping Palu Recover — Video

China Confirms Detention Of Former Interpol Chief Meng Hongwei

1,600 Dead, 70,000 Homeless. Why Wouldn’t Indonesia Want Aid?


Trade War Escalation Will Hit China Harder Than US, IMF Says

Europe Stocks Sharply Lower After US And Asia Sell-Off

Could North Korea Ever Join The IMF?

The Business Behind Michelin Stars

China Car Sales Slump Ripples Globally

Branson Halts Saudi Investment Talks

Cannabis In Canada: ‘We Know The World Is Watching’


Quebec: Crucifix ‘Not Religious Symbol’

Deciem Founder Brandon Truaxe Loses Job On Judge’s Order

Port Alberni Company Outfits Six 737 Jets To Fight Wildfires

Views: Let’s Protect BC’s Coast From Oil Tankers

Frustration Builds Over Canada’s Climate Strategy

CASCADIA (Northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia)

15 Percent Chance The Pacific Northwest Could Be Hit By A Mega-Quake, Say Seismology Experts

Wing Of King County Jail To Be Used As Emergency Homeless Housing

Tacoma City Council Facing Critical Crossroad For Tideflats Land-Use

One In 10 Seattle Homes Has Just One Room

Why Many Northwest Animals And Plants Need Wildfire

Housing, Homelessness, And A History Of Discrimination Come Together At One Vancouver Intersection

Restoring Historic Mudflats Where First Nations Once Harvested Seafood


Ten Ways To Accelerate Progress Against Climate Change

We Can Still Do A Lot To Slow Climate Change. But Will We?

Geoengineering: A Temporary “Remedial Measure” To Combat Global Warming?

Climate Change: How 1.5 Degrees Could Change The World

Final Call To Save The World From ‘Climate Catastrophe’

Major Climate Report Describes A Strong Risk Of Crisis As Early As 2040

A New Climate Report Urges Us To Double Down On Climate Policies

Warning Of More Deadly Disasters To Come, Experts Say

Ban Ki-Moon: Climate Report Exposes How Badly Wrong Leaders Like Trump Are On Climate Change

Amid The Ruins Of Sulawesi, Earthquake Survivors Take Stock

Hurricane Michael Leaves ‘Unimaginable Destruction’

‘Many Families Have Lost Everything.’ Photos Reveal Hurricane Michael’s Destruction In Florida Panhandle

Storm Michael: Record-Breaking Storm Mauls US South-East

Majorca Flash Flood Kills At Least Six On Spanish Island

See Tropical Storm Michael From Space As It Became A Hurricane


Afghan Taliban Say Will Continue Talks With U.S. Peace Envoy

Skripal Attack: Second Russian Salisbury Suspect Named

America’s Message: Time To Pick Sides In The South China Sea


‘United Against Racism’, Germans Stage Mass Protest Against Far Right

American Pastor At Center Of Diplomatic Dispute Released And Allowed To Leave Turkey

Russia-Ukraine Tensions In The Sea Of Azov

Viktoria Marinova: Arrest Over Bulgarian Journalist Murder

Ukraine Ammo Dump Blasts Blamed On ‘Possible Sabotage’

Spain Court Sets Doctor Free In ‘Stolen Babies’ Case


Chinese Official Says ‘Sinicization’ Of Religion In Xinjiang Must Go On


Behind Bavaria’s Harsh Rhetoric, Schools Offer Migrants Warm Welcome

Honduran Migrant Group Treks North As U.S. Calls For Tighter Borders

After 70 Years, Who Are The Palestinian Refugees?


Hate Crimes Reported Ahead Of Brazil Vote

Why Are There So Many Murders In Brazil?

Jair Bolsonaro: Trump Of The Tropics?

Venezuela ‘Frees Ex-Student Leader’

Venezuela’s Leader Nicolás Maduro Divides Opinion

Venezuela Crisis: A Country In Freefall

Pope Defrocks Two Chilean Bishops Over Sexual Abuse Allegations

Jair Bolsonaro: Far-Right Candidate Wins First Round Of Brazil Election


How Saudi News Media Is Spinning Khashoggi’s Disappearance

‘Davos In The Desert,’ A Saudi Prince’s Glittering Showcase, Is Stained By A Grisly Accusation

UN Chided Over New Rights Council Members

Trump’s Highly Personal Diplomacy

British Phd Student Detained In UAE

Egypt Death Sentences Over Church Attacks


‘Sparks Went Off In My Brain’: John Marsden’s Journey From Psych Ward To School Principal

‘There’s A Mood For Change’: Liberals Fall Behind In Wentworth By-Election Poll

An ABC Journalist Tells Her Heartbreaking Story Of Miscarriage And Loss

The Emotional Toll Of Counselling Asylum Seekers On Christmas Island ‘Just To Tick A Box’

SMA Screening Added To Heel Prick Test For Newborns In NSW And ACT


Russia Holds Strategic Nuclear Forces Exercises

Russian Official Fired After Claiming Retirees Can Live Off $50 Pension

Russian Orthodox Church Threatens Tough Response Over Istanbul Backing Of Ukraine Split

Lavrov Says Russia Keen To Boost Airline Security With Egypt

Russia’s Blockchain Revolution

The Sweet Smell Of Russian Money

Moscow Then And Now



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