The Democratic Republic of Congo Ebola Outbreak Spreads To A Major City. Here’s What To Know

Nigeria: As Osinbajo Takes Presidential Campaign To Nigerians’ Doorsteps

Nigeria: Nollywood Actress Yetunde Akilapa Arrested For Allegedly Stealing In Lagos

South Sudan: Army Accused Of ‘Brutal’ Sexual Violence

Cameroon: Govt Creates Disarmament Committee Amid Skepticism

Eritrea: 6 Years After Her Imprisonment In Eritrea, U.S. Citizen’s Family Demands Answers

Morocco: Private Sector Eager To Partner With Others Across Africa – Mezouar

South Africa: Soweto Gospel Choir Nominated For 2019 Grammy Award

South Africa: Hlaudi Says Hlaudi Is ‘Going To Run’ For President… Again

Africa: Despite National Health Insurance Scheme, Ghana Can Do Better

Nigeria: Bauchi Is Waiting

South Africa: Parliament Adopts Report Calling For Lion Bone Quota Reduction


What Could Happen Now That Prosecutors Have Tied Trump To A Federal Crime?

Hunt For Oil Threatens Pristine Alaska

Mueller Investigation: No Jail Time Sought For Trump Ex-Adviser Michael Flynn

How First-Time Voters Led Change In A Deep-Red State

An Exotic Tick Is Turning Up In Some Parts Of The U.S.

The US Federal Farm Bill Looks To Fight Wildfire


US-China Trade War In 300 Words

Japan Eases Rules For Foreign Workers

Restless Retirees

Who Will Look After Japan’s Elderly?

US Writer Sorry For Priyanka Insult

India’s Richest Family Caps Year Of Big Fat Weddings

Indians Unite To Defend Priyanka Chopra

India’s Richest Family Caps Year Of Big Fat Weddings

China Mission Launches To Far Side Of Moon

China Threatens Huawei Arrest Consequences

Gloves Off In US-China Relations

Should We Worry About Huawei?

US-China Trade War In 300 Words

Huawei CFO Arrest ‘Violates Human Rights’, China Says


Analysis: Markets Gloom Deepens As Wall Street Has Its Worst Week In Nine Months

Amber Rudd Floats ‘Plan B’ Before Key Vote On May’s Brexit Deal

Qatar Pulls Out Of Opec Oil Producers’ Cartel

Trump Says China Agreed To Reduce Tariffs On US Car Imports


Strapping In To See How Space Sends Astronauts’ Brains For A Loop

Doctors Under Observation: How Coaching Is Changing Medical Education In Canada

Astronaut David Saint-Jacques Kicks Off Science Mission With Perception Test

Huawei And Canada: What We Know About The Company, The Arrest And China’s Reaction

First Nations Lobbying For Lift On Tanker Ban Off B.C.’S Coast

Quebec’s Change To HPV Vaccine Program Divides Experts

Ottawa And Toronto Stand By Waterfront Toronto Board

With Canada’s David Saint-Jacques’ Launch Into Orbit, A New Generation Of Space Exploration Begins

Federal, Provincial Governments Pledge $8.4-Million To Address Manitoba Meth Crisis 

Public Inquiry Into Lionel Desmond Murder-Suicide To Begin In Early 2019 

Vancouver Businessman Who Held A Liberal Fundraiser At His Home Wins $1 Libel Award Against Journalist

Victims Of Two Toronto Tragedies Receive Funds To Support Recovery

Hundreds Lose Jobs After Cape Breton Call Centre Abruptly Closes

Ontario Government To Fire Three Waterfront Toronto Directors Over Sidewalk Labs Partnership Trudeau Opens First Ministers’ Meeting, With Many Conflicting Issues On The Agenda

Fragmented Care System Ill-Equipped To Deal With Abuse At Halifax-Area Orphanage: Report

Alberta Aims To Improve Front-Line Health Care With More Paramedics, New Ambulances

Sidewalk Labs’s Vision And Your Data Privacy: A Guide To The Saga On Toronto’s Waterfront

B.C. Paramedic Urges Inspection Of Carbon Monoxide Detectors In Wake Of Recent Poisonings

B.C. Climate Plan Opts For Incentives Over Strong-Arming

Federal Report Finds 476 People Died Of Domestic Violence In Canada Between 2010 And 2015

BC Climate Plan Aims To Build Economy Around Renewables

Canadian Millennials Want Real Change On Climate Change

BC Earthquake ‘Very Likely’ Caused By Fracking

CASCADIA (Northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia)

Portland’s Housing Reform Plan Hits A Sweet Spot

Bend To Ban Plastic Bags, Joining Other Oregon Cities

Seattle’s Traffic Report Shows Fewer Drivers, More Transit Riders

Oregon To Update Water Pollution Permits

Improved Success For BC’s Indigenous Business Owners

Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s 2020 Presidential Run Could Revolve Around Climate

 Will Congestion Pricing Help Seattle’s Traffic Mess?

Renton, WA, Pushes For Backyard Cottages

Stretch Of Skagit Riverfront Permanently Protected For Fish, Wildlife

How Do We Fix Seattle’s Housing Woes? Change Its Single-Family Zoning Laws, City Report Says


U.N. Climate Negotiators Sweat Over Detail And Divides

BC’s Low-Income, Middle Class Should Benefit From Climate Plan

Sir David Attenborough: Climate Change ‘Our Greatest Threat’

The Good, The Bad, And The Ridiculous: How Media Covered The National Climate Assessment

Whale Songs And War: The Less Talked-About Climate Impacts

Canadian Millennials Want Real Change On Climate Change

Five Myths About Climate Change

Hope On Climate Change Doesn’t Come Easily—But Action Isn’t Futile


Philippines To Buy U.S. Helicopters, Not Russian, Over Sanctions Fears

How Chemical Weapons Helped Assad

Yemen War: Peace Talks Begin In Sweden

‘Milestone’ Yemen Peace Talks Begin

Could Yemen’s War End At A Swedish Castle? — Video


Exclusive: Dutch Hospitals To Drop U.S. Body Brokers, Cite Ethical Concerns

Thousands Protest In Serbia Over Attack On Opposition Politician

Why Spain’s Government Is Exhuming General Franco’s Remains

Yellow Vests: France Protests ‘Created A Monster’, Says Minister

French Government Suspends Tax Hikes In Bid To Quell Violent ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests

Climate Activist: ‘It’s High Time That Poland Phased Out Coal’

Angela Merkel’s ‘PM Crib Sheet’ Amuses Australia

Spain Far-Right Vox Party Gains Foothold In Andalusia Election

Why Europe’s Youngest Leader Has Embraced The Far Right


UN Urges Canada To Take Action Against Forced Sterilization Of Indigenous Women

Rights Group Demands End To Sterilization Of Indigenous Women 

Amplify: Why I’m Teaching My Mixed-Race Kids To Love Themselves For Who They Are, Not What They Are


Video Children Trapped By War

Aleppo Family Finds Home In Wales


Road Accidents ‘Biggest Killer Of Young’

Hostages Die In Foiled Brazil Bank Raids

Nicaragua Priest Injured In Acid Attack

Lula: Judge Stopped Me Winning Election

Trump Leaves Argentine Leader In The Lurch

Can Mexico Defeat The Drug Cartels?

G20 Protesters Condemn ‘Demonstration Of Power’

Brazil ‘Faith Healer’ Accused Of Sex Abuse

Brazil Country Profile

Road Accidents Biggest Killer Of Young People – WHO


Long-Distance Learners In Aleppo

Vote Condemning Hamas Fails At UN

Who Are Hamas?

Life In The Gaza Strip

UAE ‘Spy’ Man ‘Psychologically Tortured’

Ancient City’s Last Puppeteer Gets Lifeline

Facing Jail Sentence For Removing My Vei — Videol

Khashoggi Killing: ‘There’s A Smoking Saw’ — Video

Inside Iraq’s Secret Shelters For Women — Video

The Female Superbiker Travelling The World

Putin And Saudi Crown Prince High Five — Video


New Zealand Murder Inquiry Into Missing Backpacker

Queensland Police Condemn Reports Of Toyah Cordingley Murder ‘Key Suspect’

Teen Dies, 16 Other People Hospitalised After Suspected Rave Party Overdoses

Tara’s ‘Celtic Curse’ Has Turned Her Into A Blood Bank ‘Super Donor’

The Developer, The Whistleblower And The Minister: How A Protected Wetland Came Under Threat

Crash Pilot Moved To Tasmania To Learn To Fly, Company Says

‘Scott, You Have A Voice’: $1 Million Reward Offered In Sydney Gay Hate Killing

One Australian City Is Planning For Food, Not Developments

Thousands Of Couples Have Tied The Knot Since Australia Legalised Same-Sex Marriage

Witnesses Say Surfer ‘Disappeared’ Underwater In Shark Attack At Nambucca Heads

Opinion: No Wonder Parliament Is Dysfunctional … Look At The Building

Tortured By The Dutch, A Poor Farmer’s Case Is Reopening A Dark Colonial Past

Horror Of The Kempsey School Bus Smash A Vivid Memory 50 Years On

Times Have Changed, And More Women Are Becoming Priests

Angela Merkel’s ‘PM Crib Sheet’ Amuses Australia


Moscow’s Izmailovsky Kremlin And Markets, In Photos

Russian State Channel Apologizes For Passing Belarussian As A Ukrainian Opponent Of Maidan

Ex-Science Teachers Busted In Breaking Bad-Style Drug Lab In Russia

Kremlin Shrugs Off U.S. Call To Scrap Nuclear-Capable Missile

Holiday Fairs: More Holiday Bazaars, Folks!

Prominent Russian Rights Activist Dies At The Age Of 91

Russian Police Shut Down Sixth Concert Of Outspoken IC3PEAK Tech Duo

Moscow’s Top 5 Skating Rinks

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