Pacem, Libertatem, Justitiam
December 9, 2018 Volume 11 Number 15

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By Merritt Scott (Rusty) Miller: Editor

Space exploration has been in the news a great deal lately and I’m glad because I’m a fan of it.  We feature it in our science section in here.  And it is a topic that comes up often on Coast to Coast AM, a very late night radio talk show I recently discovered.

I won’t bore you with the details of how and why space exploration became such a passion.  I’m just pleased that after what seems like a long hiatus, we – as a species – are moving forward, individually, collaboratively, federally and privately in a concerted effort to establish ourselves as a presence in our own solar system and to let the galaxy and beyond know that we are coming.

It’s the last part of this that makes me uncomfortable.  First, what if, as in that Twilight Zone Episode To Serve Man, we are not intergalactic neighbors but entrees?

Second, what if, after doing some exploration of their own with Roves designed as rocks and stuff, they determine that while human beings are certainly the most obnoxious species on the planet (next to crows), we are not the most intelligent.

Who could blame them for deferring to creatures so marvelously adapted to their environment that they had no desire to change it?  And who were “civilized” long before our ancestors discovered “peace” is not just a time to gather more rocks to throw?  And who have a capacity for mercy, forgiveness and interspecies compassion that has no rival on land or in the sea?

And what if, like all those invasion films, they came to do to us what we did to those whose land we wanted?

I think it’s all well and good to colonize close to home.  Until we’ve become the best we can be, though, I’d just as soon not let anyone out there know we’re here.

Merritt Scott “Rusty” Miller is a journalist, author, editor and photographer who lives in Seattle, Washington.  For comments, please go here

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Hello by Roman Prokofyev image credits openkniga gallery


By Olya Bereza: Associate Editor

In this part of the world, on 8th of December, we recognized a day of artists which was founded in 2007 by the international association The Art of Peoples of the World.   Congratulations to all artists and people who are involved in the process of creation. We all are inspired by your works and creative process. Thanks to each of you for filling the world with new meanings, showing us beauty in the ordinary things.

Today I would like to present the work of the artist I really like -“Hello” by Roman Prokofyev who works in the genre of Multographics (Cartoonographics) – this way the artist determines the style of his work in which he displays ordinary people in various life situations by means of cartoons graphic.

“I fell into my childhood and found it right for myself,” he said in a recent interview.

Maybe it’s always helpful to rediscover the inner creative child in ourselves.

Northstar columnist and associate editor Olya Bereza was born in the former Soviet Union and now lives in Ukraine.  Fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, and English, she is a degreed psychologist with a background in international marketing and personnel management.  For comments, please go here.

God does not speak more to the Pope than to anyone else.  The Pope just pays more attention.


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I’ve had these little dudes as neighbors and they’re as cute as they look. Fishers Return To North Cascades

All of us should live so long and so well, eh?  World’s Oldest-Known Wild Bird Expecting 37th Chick With Longtime Lover

As a lover of dog stories, I thoroughly enjoyed this.  Dog Guards Fire-Ruined Home For A Month While Waiting For Owner


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The Giant Rocket Tower In The Jungle

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Sacked Man Claims Discrimination Against His ‘Ethical Veganism’ — Video

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MERRITT SCOTT MILLER Bio Wrath of the Testament Author and Northstar Journal editor Merritt Scott (Rusty) Miller is a former newspaper reporter who has published extensively in the Pacific Northwest and several times nationally. A U.S. Navy veteran of the Vietnam War, he began his career in the alternative media of the mid-Seventies. His own Sacramento-based monthly ~ Rapline ~ drew praise from Sacramento BEE metro columnist Herb Michelson in a column published that that newspaper; and from Berkeley Film Quarterly editor and author of the bestsellers Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging, Ernest Callenbach. A Northern California native with roots in British Columbia, Mr. Miller has written for several Northwest community newspapers, United Press International, the daily Portland Oregonian and for such Seattle publications as the Post-Intelligencer, The Seattle Press and the University Herald. As an investigative reporter for the McMinnville, Oregon News-Register ~ and in conjunction with CBS News in New York, Washington, DC and Flagstaff, Arizona ~ Mr. Miller localized a story of alleged Contra gun-running by an international air freight company headquartered in that Willamette Valley community. During the 1987 Angel Complex Fire in southern Oregon, Mr. Miller worked as the lead dispatcher for the U.S. Forest Service and covered the disaster for National Public Radio and as a special writer for the Portland, Oregonian. His 1988 series on child abuse for a rural weekly earned him praise from the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association. In his career as a journalist, Mr. Miller has interviewed a Nobel peace laureate; an internationally renowned abstract artist; a popular folksinger and various Pacific Northwest elected officials, include a state treasurer and governor. An accomplished travel book writer, Mr. Miller has penned demographic and feature copy for the “Best Choices” series on Eastern Washington, British Columbia, Virginia, South Carolina and Atlanta. As either a contract or staff publicist, he has served a host of clients including the Olympia Music Festival, Umpqua Valley Community Hospital, the City of Canyonville, the Tiller Ranger District, The English School, the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners, Yamhill County Assessor Kim Worrell and Workers of Oregon Development. His freelance publications include: United Press International, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Portland Oregonian, Forest World, American Trucking, Trucks, Oregon Adventures, Oregon Education, Old Oregon, The Entertainer, the Seattle Press, the San Juan Island Sounder, Northwest Passage, Northwest Connection, Seattle Source, Seattle Forum, the University of Colorado’s Writers Forum, Clouds, The long Beach Literary Journal and the Pacific Media Group. He has worked since the age of 13 and has been a hop harvester, professional musician, civil servant, forester, convenience market clerk, lumber mill worker, temporary word processor, technical writer and editor. He has also led a social services research and development team and has six years of radio and telephone communications experience. His interests include astronomy, aviation, camping, Canada, communications, conversation, cooking, dancing, economic development, education, environmentalism, exploration, film/DVDs, fine dining, government, green technology, health. History, human rights, International community, Internet media, law, literature, marine engineering & design, medicine, music, nature, networking, outdoors, pets, photography, romance, science, sexuality, technology, travel, water, wildlife His honors and awards include: Letter of Appreciation - Amnesty International; US Senator Patti Murray Letter of Appreciation for The Northstar Journal Blog; Editors Choice, International Library of Poetry; Congressman Edward Murray Letter of Appreciation; Congressman Frank Chopp Letter of Appreciation; Hersch Best Read on the Net Award for The Northstar Journal; President Bill Clinton Letter of Appreciation; Workers Of Oregon Development Certificate of Appreciation; City of Canyonville Police Department Certificate of Appreciation; City of Canyonville Mayor’s Office Certificate of Appreciation; California Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird Letter of Appreciation; Northwest Magazine Editorial Board Letter of Appreciation for Rain; Editorial Award, Society of Professional Journalists; Sacramento Bee Metro Column; Honor Roll: California State University Long Beach; Deans List: Long Beach City; Mr. Miller currently resides in Seattle, Washington, where he continues to edit and publish The Northstar Journal. He is working on two novels concurrently and a sequel to Wrath of the Testament.
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