The Magazine With Heart Pacem, Libertatem, Justitiam December 4,, 2016  Vol. 9 No. 13

The Magazine With Heart
Pacem, Libertatem, Justitiam
December 4, 2016    Vol. 9   No. 13  

He is also with the spirits of Sioux chiefs at Standing Rock.  He is one of the reasons the Green Movement will ultimately prevail.  His name is Ernest Callenbach.

He is also with the spirits of Sioux chiefs at Standing Rock. He is one of the reasons the Green Movement will ultimately prevail. His name is Ernest Callenbach

ISSUE THEME SONG:  Because All Men Are Brothers; Peter, Paul & Mary


Hi again, gang, from the shores of the Salish Sea.  Few controversies in the new century (or for that matter, the last half of the old one) have more impact than any national leadership change or referendum.  In the wake of the election of an individual considered opposed to the green agenda, indigent North Americans, environmentalists, veterans and civic and religious leaders from the Mexican border to the Arctic Circle are saying “No.”

This resistance has all the seeds of a deeper revolt in Canada and the US by people who are even wearier of the resistance of major fossil fuel companies to environmentally appropriate technology than they are traditional political agendas which promise much, cost even more and in many cases, accomplish absolutely nothing.

This quintessentially populist movement for a clean environment and energy which does not come from what were, at one time, living plants and animals is not one that Exxon or British Petroleum have the strategy and tactics to oppose because this is not a fixed piece battle.

It is not a fixed piece battle and it is not one David against a single Goliath.  It is a rejection of energy sources and it means that not only is every proposed pipeline or coal-fired project on the line but those already in place as well.

It is also about supporting the wind, solar, methane, tidal and low yield hydro available from Victoria to Halifax and from Juneau to Tallahassee. This movement is green technology savvy to the maximum.  It is one well versed in the industrial evolution of our species as well as the socio-political history in which this march from Prometheus to the stars.

It is very likely, however, that this “revolution” will have one thing in common with those of a violent nature.  More blood will be shed.  Martyrs will be made of people who do not deserve to die.  Sometimes it will seem like the bowels of Hell itself have opened up and there will be days, if not weeks, of violent news.

In the end, however, green will prevail because green is no longer just a party or a term.  Green now identifies who else we are besides Canadians and Americans willing to fight and die for their respective nations, abroad certainly.

And at home, if necessary.

Have a great week, gang, and thanks for the ear.



Our prayers go out to all those impacted by this tragedy.  Championship-Bound Brazilian Soccer Team Nearly Wiped Out As Plane Crashes In Colombia

I personally think every one in the world should read this.  What Not To Say To A Cancer Patient

These people never learn.  ISIS Group To Step Up Attacks On Europe – Europol



Arctic Ice Melt Poses A Risk Of Uncontrollable Climate Change, Scientists Say

Oil Prices Rise Further After OPEC Agrees Output Cut


Chinese Firm Buys Stake In B.C.-Based Retirement Home Chain

China Looks To Clamp Down On Foreign Investments

Thai Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn To Be Proclaimed King

China Introduces 10% Extra Tax On ‘Super Cars’

Meitu Of China, Built On The Selfie, Could Be Worth $5.23 Billion In I.P.O.

Malaysian PM Leads Protest Against ‘Genocide’ of Rohingya


A Forgotten Step In Saving African Wildlife: Protecting The Rangers

Gambians Celebrate Defeat Of Longtime President

Ousting Squatter Farmers To Save Forest, Ivory Coast Sets Off New Crisis

A.N.C. Rejects Calls For Jacob Zuma To Quit South African Presidency


Video: Dying To Be Heard: Reporting Syria’s War

Video: A Risky Flight From Eastern Aleppo

Let Women Drive, A Prince In Saudi Arabia Urges

‘Unintentional’ Human Error Led To Airstrikes On Syrian Troops, Pentagon Says

Thousands Flee Parts Of Aleppo, Syria, As Assad’s Forces Gain Ground

Mahmoud Abbas, Re-Elected As Fatah Leader, Moves To Solidify Power

Alexandria Journal: Remembering My Mother’s Alexandria

Russia Begins New Offensive in Aleppo


Italian Monastery Seeks Salvation In Beer After Devastating Quake

Europe’s Outdoor Cannabis Capital

Eurozone Jobless Rate Below 10% For First Time Since 2011

Italy’s Constitutional Referendum: What You Need to Know

Hollande Will Not Seek Re-election

Austrians Vote For President In Election Watched Europe-Wide


Opinion: Anti-Americanism Or Russophobia – Which Will Win Central Asia’s Soul?

Russian International Affairs Council: Russia And The European Union In The Baltic Sea Region

Russia ‘Not Seeking Conflict’ – Putin Tells Nation


Pope Francis’ Race Against Time To Reshape The Church


Ottawa Approves Two Pipelines; Rejects Northern Gateway

Web Archive Plans Trump-Proof Canada Back-Up

Boiling Mad Over Canada’s Water Crisis

Canada Today: Pipeline Expansion, Musical Comedy and Identity


Lawsuit Aims to Hold 2 Contractors Accountable for C.I.A. Torture

Suspect Is Killed in Attack at Ohio State University That Injured 11

Charlotte Officer ‘Justified’ In Fatal Shooting Of Keith Scott

President Obama Is Handing A Strong Economy To His Successor

Gatlinburg Residents Return Home To Wildfire Destruction

Bowe Bergdahl, Facing Desertion Trial, Asks Obama For Pardon

Californian Warehouse Building Where Fire Broke Out Was A ‘Death Trap’


One Family. Six Decades. Myriad Views Of Fidel Castro’s Revolution.

Cubans Mourn Castro

Chapecoense Air Crash: Colombia Plane ‘Ran Out Of Fuel’

Who’s Taping Whom? Paranoia Infuses Brazil’s Scandal-Ridden Politics

U.N. Apologizes For Role In Haiti’s 2010 Cholera Outbreak

President-Elect Jovenel Moïse Of Haiti Vows To Create Plan To Channel Aid

As A Distracted Brazil Mourns, Lawmakers Gut A Corruption Bill


Adler Import A Step Closer As New South Wales Agrees On Reclassification

Port Adelaide Player ‘Disappeared For Hours’ After Car Crash

More Storms Expected In South-East After Night Of Destruction

‘Unprecedented’: Victoria To Boost Police Force By 20 Per Cent

Thunderstorm Asthma Advice Issued As Storms Loom

Woman Bitten By Spider At ‘Candyman’ Mansion Party

One Nation Trying To Register For Tasmanian Election



Trump Claims, With No Evidence, That ‘Millions of People’ Voted Illegally

Donald Trump Faces Obstacles to Resuming Waterboarding

Donald Trump’s Threat to Close Door Reopens Old Wounds in Cuba

Trump Saved Jobs At Carrier, But More Midwest Jobs Are In Jeopardy

Why Trump Isn’t Bringing Coal Back

Trump Speaks With Taiwan’s Leader, An Affront To China

Graphic: How Trump’s Calls To World Leaders Are Upsetting Decades Of Diplomacy

The Interpreter: Trump, Taiwan and China: The Controversy, Explained

China Sees New Ambiguity With Donald Trump’s Taiwan Call

C.I.A. Chief Warns Donald Trump Against Tearing Up Iran Nuclear Deal


Climate Change Is Affecting All Life On Earth

A Wrenching Choice For Alaska Towns In The Path Of Climate Change

Global Warming Alters Arctic Food Chain, With Unforeseeable Results

How Warming Is Threatening The Genetic Diversity Of Species


Obama Expands War With Al Qaeda To Include Shabab In Somalia

Another Mass Grave Dug By Isis In Iraq, And A Ghastly Ritual Renewed


Deluged Immigration Courts, Where Cases Stall For Years, Begin To Buckle


The Beginning Is Near: The Deep North, Evictions And Pipeline Deadlines


First Nations Vow To Stop Kinder Morgan Oil Pipeline In BC


Protesters Won’t Heed Evacuation Order

Standing Rock Braces For Eviction

“My Whole Heart Is With You Tonight”: A Letter To The Dakota Access Front Line

The Many Ways To Help Standing Rock

The Twisted Economics Of The Dakota Access Pipeline


Video: Canada’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Is ‘Standing Rock North’

Trudeau’s Favored Pipeline Company: Law-Breaking, Pollution, Cover-Ups

‘We’ll Do What It Takes To Stop It’: First Nations Reject Trans Mountain Pipeline


Ukraine Winter Window.  Photo by Olya Bereza

Ukraine Winter Window. Photo by Olya Bereza


Hello Rusty and Thank You:

And yes, happy snow landscapes are around while I look out the window of an intercity train to nature’s masterpiece. She is such a prolific artist, Mother Nature, to paint all these intricate details like frozen grass or trees into white.

Ukraine has changed her dress for winter and skiing and snowboarding season in the Carpathians has officially started. One of the best ski resorts is Bukovel which offers winter leisure with a nice traditional touch.

Shall I also mention advantages of national cuisine? Local people still mostly adhere to wholesome foods and traditional meals. The diet is the reason that common people are quite calm and friendly in general. In Ukraine, there are still villagers who provide high-quality produce, one of treasures of my country. Most western nations gave up their original eating habits in exchange for the convenience of packaged foods preserved with hydrogenated oils.  So sometimes being a step behind is a good thing.

That’s all for this week.  Stay warm, Mishka.  And btw, working from a train office is quite fun 🙂

Olya Bereza – European Editor

Понедельник, 14 ноября 2016, 7:59 +03:00 от


B.C. Advocacy Group Calls For End To Solitary Confinement In Canada

Muslim Woman Sports Burkini And A Hijab With Her Gown At The Miss Minnesota USA Pageant

Singer Dolly Parton Sets Up Fund For Tennessee Fires Victims

This Organic Food Company Doesn’t Discriminate Against Ex-Offenders—It Seeks Them Out

Four Major United Kingdom Cities Move To Ban Diesel Vehicles By 2025


‘Fatal’ Flaws Found In Medical Implant Software

‘Victimizing Me All Over Again’: San Bernardino Victims Fight For Treatment

Texas Again Places Obstacles In Front Of Those Seeking Abortions

Survey: Portland’s Livability Falls To Record Low


Good for these guys!  3 Months After Explosion, SpaceX Plans to Launch Rocket Bearing Satellites

This to me makes a strong case for cultural cross pollination.  3,800-Year-Old Statue Resembling ‘The Thinker’ Found in Israel

Even in Seattle, where we have forests, we agree and are planting more.  Cities Need Trees Now More Than Ever


What Would Earth Be Like With No Moon?

Watch For Earliest Sunsets Before Solstice

Earth, The Final Frontier


Saturn Spacecraft Prepares To Ring-Graze

Space’s Trash Collector? A Japanese Entrepreneur Wants The Job 

An Ice Sheet The Size Of New Mexico Hidden In Martian Crater

December Guide To The Bright Planets


James Simons’s Foundation Starts New Institute For Computing, Big Data

The Future Of Bridges

Salida, Colorado: National Leader In The Development Of Tiny Homes

Street Furniture That Fights Air Pollution


How Northwest Tribes Joined Forces To Beat Fossil Fuel Initiatives

Voters Win More Solar Energy Options Despite Opposition From Big Energy

Is Your Bank Funding DAPL? Here’s How To Find One That Isn’t

7 Ways To Make An Even Bigger Impact When You Divest From DAPL

Biodiversity Data Gets A Makeover By US Forest Service

Cleaner Skies, Cleaner Fish

Obama Administration Will Keep Tough Fuel Standards In Place


In Dedication To Ernest ‘Chick’ Callenbach, Reader, Patron And, Most Of All, Friend

Going Postal In Cascadia

22 Million Gallons Of Raw Sewage Dumped In Oregon’s Willamette River

British Columbia, Canada & Alaska Experience Major Yellow Cedar Loss

Seattle Advocates: ’25 Years Is Too Long For ST3′

Energy Battle Ensues As Vancouver Phases Out Fossil Fuels

$2 Billion Boost For Vancouver Transit

King County, Washington, Expands Support To Low-Income Transit Riders


Hidden Gem: See What Scientists Found In Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park

See Grizzly Bears Up Close

A Sense Of Place: Aquitaine Region Of France A Sophisticated Happy Mash Up Of Old And New


Six Simple Ways To Identify Skin Cancer

Millions Have Dyslexia, Few Understand It

Exercise to Extend Your Life

This Week’s New York Times Wellness Blog Is On “Mindfulness”

Hallucinogen Eases Depression In Cancer Patients, Studies Find  


Reflect: How We Became ‘Consumers’

20 Ways To Take A Bigger, Louder Stand In The Post-Election World

6 Ways Cities Can Prepare For The Future Of Work

Alternative Voting Systems Can Save Democracy



Night-Shining Clouds Over Antarctica

Amazing Homeless Man Plays Piano Beautifully.. – YouTube

Bluegrass Virtuosity From New Jersey



Take a look at these special young people!  Judge Rules Kids Can Sue Feds for Climate Change Negligence | TakePart

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KIKORIKKI ~ a truly fun way to experience science



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A superpower no longer, a resource hungry and repressive America faces a Latin American armada rampaging its west coast and a strong, silent and powerful Canada manning the North Wall. The fires of rebellion burn in the Pacific Northwest and it is into this crucible and forge that the cybernetic patrol boat Testament and her crew of three men and three women are thrust. Individuals of duty and conscience both, when they join the other side, all Hell breaks loose. A rollicking adventure for anyone who loves the sea, a good yarn and characters who spring to life even as Testament herself leaps the waves. For a $4.00 Kindle Book adventure you will remember for a lifetime, please go here. 

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Photo by Rusty Miller © 2016 Merritt Scott Miller

Photo by Rusty Miller © 2016 Merritt Scott Miller 

This is amazing.  You’re a Bee. This Is What It Feels Like.

If this does not melt your heart, you need a new one.  Dogs who both lost their home won’t stop cuddling with each other at shelter, are inseparable

I see a blockbuster movie in this.  Giant Lizard Versus Buffalo


Your Dog Remembers More Than You Think

Flamingo Mating Rules: 1. Learn the Funky Chicken

Rare Fish Swims Upside Down


Solving A Mystery Behind The Deadly ‘Tsunami Of Molasses’ Of 1919

Million-Dollar Bucket Of Gold Stolen In NY

The Indian YouTube Channel With 6 Billion Views


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