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Pacem, Libertatem, Justitiam

July 17, 2016  Vol. 8 No. 42

liberty island and statue of liberty


Hi again, gang, from the shores of the Salish Sea.  It has definitely not been a fun week and our hearts and prayers go out to Nice and to France herself.  We have friends and readers in the Land of Saint Joan.

The news hit us hard too, then.  I spent most of two days and nights on Facebook and in the two America Online chatrooms I frequent as virtual coffeehouses.  Reactions ran the gamut from total support of the nation which underwrote our own courtesy of Lafayette and others to feeling that since France had once been a colonial power and subjugated Muslim nations, this was a justified payback.

I find such thinking both popular and dangerous.  I ask myself why did the people in Nice deserve to die for something that happened in the past and with which they had nothing to do?

I mean, if we follow that logic, war will be with us forever because once upon a million years ago, one of my primordial ancestors got mad and killed one of yours.  So now you get to kill one of mine to even the score.  Only now it’s not one on one.  We are avenging each other down through history by the billions.

I took a break today to ride my bike a few miles and work off some angst.  Then I went out by our fishpond and talked to an Old Friend and probably the only one besides my cousin Olya who always listens when I need to talk.

I still believe that everything happens for a reason and I accept that like a lot of mortal things, the Divine Plan is simply beyond my comprehension.  I have never been taught to hate and for the first time in my life, I am experiencing that emotion.  It makes me sick to my stomach.

I have been in a war and I have been part of a killing machine.  I didn’t hate those people because I figured they were pretty much like me.  I did what I did because I didn’t want to go to prison or be stood up against a wall and shot for not doing it.  My “enemy” faced the same rather limited options.

I will not ask God to avenge those killed by ISIS because that’s asking God to take sides and I love God too much to ask the Divine One to do that.  Our species is responsible for the creation of ISIS and if we created this Medusa-headed monster, we can bloody flipping well un-create it.

The killing needs to stop and if ISIS refuses to do that, we need to destroy their capacity to wage this kind of war and their motivation for doing it.  I know this is being done already and that it will take time.

I am certain that if we do this with revenge in mind, we will steep our own arms up to the elbows in the blood of the innocent and of the guilty both.  The day we finally, as a species say, “enough of this” and simply put an end to the option is the day the dove will fly forever.

I think we owe it to the people of Nice to do at least that much.

Have a great week, gang, and thanks for the ear.


NOTE:  As we went to press, it was reported that this was the act of a single individual not connected with organized terrorism.  ISIS is now claiming responsibility for it so both this editorial and Olya’s column stand as published.


I read this headline and went, “Whoa.”  NASA To Search For Extraterrestrial Life With Sea Drone

This is reassuring, considering my comfort zone is about 20 degrees below that.  Oh, and so our metric readers don’t need to do the conversion, the temperature mentioned in this article is 37.7 C.  100-Degree Days Are More Common Than You Think

So do we.  World Pays Tribute To Nice Victims


Tribunal Rejects Beijing’s Claims in South China Sea

The Most Livable City In The World?


Philippines Wins South China Sea Case

China Claims Right To Air Defense Zone

An Unfinished Bridge, And Partnership, Between Russia And China

North Korean Defector Surfaces In Pyongyang, Saying He Tried To Abduct Orphans

South Korean Villagers Pelt Premier With Eggs Over Missile Site

Hong Kong Says Legislative Candidates Must Endorse Chinese Rule

When The Planets Align, Delhi Drowns In A Chorus Of ‘I Do’

China Cites Negligence as Cause of Landslide That Killed 73

Japanese Emperor ‘Plans To Abdicate’


Ceasefire Holding In South Sudan

Video: Fighting Threatens Peace in South Sudan

African Leaders Meet Amid South Sudan Violence, ICC Concerns


A Saudi Morals Enforcer Called For A More Liberal Islam. Then The Death Threats Began.

Pro-Government Forces Advance In Syria Amid Talk Of U.S.-Russia Cooperation

John Kerry Meets Vladimir Putin To Discuss New Syria Plan

Egypt’s Latest Tactic Against Critics: Block Their Movements, Or Deport Them

‘We Live In A Society Where The Word “Liberal” Is Considered An Insult’

For Palestinians, Raising Arabian Horses Is ‘The Hobby Of The Poor’

Iran Sticks To Terms Of Nuclear Deal, But Defies The U.S. In Other Ways

Egyptian Minister Visits Israel In Push For Peace With Palestinians

Iranian Lawmakers’ Car Ambushed By Gunmen In Kurdish Region

Iran, Once Quiet About Its Casualties In Syria And Iraq, Now Glorifies Them


Boeing Signs £3bn Deal For Patrol Planes

‘Two Lost Decades’ For Italy’s Economy

Glacier-Covered Volcano In Russia Is Erupting

Video: The Queen And Her Prime Ministers

UK Interest Rates Held At 0.5%

German Police In ‘Hate Speech’ Raids


Ontario Reaches Tentative Four-Year Deal With Doctors

7 Teenage Deaths, But No Answers For Aboriginal Canadians

A Mayor Fluent In Twitter Embodies A New Canadian Diversity


Fatal Tesla Crash Draws In Transportation Safety Board

‘Market Risk’ Stopped Us Action On HSBC

Microsoft Wins Us Data Access Case


Salvadoran Court Overturns Wartime Amnesty, Paving Way For Prosecutions

Amid Grim Economic Forecasts, Cubans Fear A Return To Darker Times

Classmate Of Students Who Disappeared In Mexico Was Tortured, Panel Says


In New Zealand, Lands And Rivers Can Be People (Legally Speaking)

Chinese Tourists Spend Record Amounts In Australia

Brother Of Isis Jihadist To Be Released From New South Wales Jail

Housing Market Has Softened But Remains Positive; Victoria, Queensland Strong

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra To Play With Circus Acrobats Soaring Over Them

Symphony Orchestra (MSO) This Weekend In A Fusion Of The Two Art Forms.

Bishop Confirms Three Australians Injured In ‘Horrific’ Attack



Hot, Wet And Wild’ 2016 Weather As Us Has Warmest June

Pacific Islands Nations Consider World’s First Treaty To Ban Fossil Fuels

Alaska’s Heat Wave Goes From Noteworthy To Ridiculous


U.S. And Russia Agree On Steps To Combat ISIS In Syria

U.S. Will Deploy 560 More Troops To Iraq To Help Retake Mosul From ISIS


VIDEO: I trekked across Europe so I could go to school safely

As Refugee Family Resettles In Sweden, 9-Year-Old Nephew Dies


A Surly Misfit With No Terror Links Turned A Truck Into A Tank

Latest Updates On France Lorry Attack

Video: Hollande Condemns Lorry Terror Attack

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Nice Attack As Police Make More Arrests


Over 2,800 Arrested, 265 Killed, 1,440 Injured In Turkish Coup Attempt

Turkish President Returns to Istanbul in Sign Military Coup Is Faltering




Hi Mishka:

In the wake of the ISIS lorry attack on Nice, I would like to share with you the United Nations Human Right message:

“We are appalled by the horrendous  Nice Attack yesterday evening. This latest murderous assault on ordinary people, using a simple truck as a deadly weapon, is yet another blow aimed at the heart of humanity by extremists. There are now so many deadly attacks – in Baghdad, Brussels, Dhaka, Istanbul, Medina, Orlando – to name just a fraction of those that have occurred in recent months, that words of condemnation sound like damp leaves fluttering to the ground after another violent storm.

“While the motives driving yesterday’s killer in Nice are still to be established, in general we are confronted by an ideology that seems to be creating an endless supply of fanatics prepared to kill for the sake of killing. When one means of murder – hijacking planes, planting bombs, getting hold of assault rifles – becomes more difficult, they simply find another. And our response needs to be carefully calculated and highly sophisticated. It is not simply about heightened security, it is about deflating the ideology itself until it dwindles back to where it belongs — which is nowhere”.

The media is justifiably praising that person among the Bastille Day crowd who stopped the terrorist from driving further into the crowd by leaping into lorry and wrestling with him

This reminded a case during series of terrorist attacks of apartment bombings in Russia in 1999. Few buildings were saved by alarm of dwellers who noticed suspicious people coming to basements with sacks of white sand. that appeared to be the explosive RDX.

When special services fail their job to protect and defend, sometimes it’s in the hands of ordinary people.

That’s it for this week, Mishka.  Stay safe, my cousin.

Olya Bereza, European Editor


Where has one of North America’s foremost kayaking photojournalists and writers been lately and who or what has he been shooting?  How about an illustrated page from his photographer’s notebook.


The Wild Pilot With No Rules

The 8 Rules of Booking a Wildlife Vacation

Britain’s Most Remote Pub


I agree.  Why Bernie Sanders’s endorsement is a win for all Democrats ~ The unification of the former rivals for the presidential nomination bodes well for the Democratic Party

This is how it should be.  Police help homeless teen who biked six hours to get to college and slept in a tent

Good for these folks!  A Tiny Community Tracks Snow Leopards


This keeps getting better and better.  Tesla autopilot involved in new crash

I so totally agree with this.  Views: We must stop using fossil fuels now

May ISIS rot in Hell.  ‘We are in a war’: Terrorist truck attack kills 84 in Nice, France


This headline could have been better written.  Electric Cars Powered By Pee?

I loved thisFive World-Changing Ideas That Fizzled

This is a BBC animation and it is absolutely fascinating.  The Last Neanderthal


Letting Sea Turtles Escape

Story Of Philistines Could Be Reshaped By Ancient Cemetery

The Explosion That Came Out Of Nowhere


Canada Is Recruiting New Astronauts

Juno’s 1st In-Orbit View Of Jupiter

The Biggest Explosions In The Universe


How To Build A Better Bike

Video: Up Close And Personal With The F35 Jet

Driverless Technology And Mass Transit


Driverless Technology And Mass Transit  

The Future Of Hydro In A Warming World

Even River Basins Get Report Cards

BP Says Total Gulf Spill Bill $61.6bn


12 Remedies For Fatigue And When You Feel Tired

How Much Sleep You Need, By Age

18 Helpful Remedies To Relieve Headache Pain & Tension

If You’ve Smoked For More Than Five Years, This Recipe Will Clear Your Lungs

Easy Ways To Add Greens To Every Meal


The World’s Most Emotional Countries

These Towns Will Pay You To Live There

Hello World!



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Meet a neighbor, Sasha the Snowshoe Hare, wife of Ivan (the Snowshoe Hare)

Meet a neighbor, Sasha the Snowshoe Hare, wife of Ivan (the Snowshoe Hare)

To me, this is absolutely incredible.  Antarctic Octopuses Discovered With Sub-Zero Venom

Here’s one of those, “why didn’t I think of that?” moments.  Little Furry Exterminators

This is almost too cute.  Duck Herding.


Hunting Butterflies In No-Man’s Land

Many Fish Evolved To Survive On Land

Video: ScienceTake | A Seafloor Microscope

The True Story Of Jaws

The Sea Creature No One Can Find


The Cornell University Lab of Ornithology’s Nestwatch newsletter is now available online.  Here’s a chance for we bird-loving shutter jockeys to show our favorite avian photos and maybe pick up enough to buy mom a new pair of shoes.


Eagle Tries To Carry Off Australian Boy

Video: The World’s Biggest Cemetery

20 Facts You May Not Have Known About Queen Nefertiti



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