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The Northstar Journal: The Magazine With Heart

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Pacem, Libertatem, Justitiam

May 29 2016  No. 452

clip_image009MA28168148-0083MEMORIAL DAY NOW BELONGS TO THE  WORLD

Hi again, gang, from the shores of the Salish Sea.  We would like to wish all of you a happy Memorial Day.  As most of you know, this celebration originated in America after their Civil War.  Called Decoration Day, then, it was to honor the fallen winners, those victorious soldiers who had given, to quote President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, “their last full measure of devotion.”

War has evolved right along with those to whom it has been an option.  So to me, at least, this is no longer a holiday for the victors of one of America’s several wars.  I don’t believe it’s any longer the province of any single nation with the possible exception of Switzerland.

It does not even any longer belong exclusively to those who served in the military because wars themselves do not choose sides.  There is no collateral damage because war has no conscience, nor the need for one.  War serves those who would use war to serve their own ends.  It does not select the targets.

My own experience was with the Vietnam War.  I believed then and still believe that American involvement was geopolitically appropriate within the context of the Cold War.

That notwithstanding, nobody I served with or have talked to since took any joy in the havoc and hell we helped bring to that nation and others nearby.  Especially after the Chinese, the French, the Japanese and the French again, Vietnam did not need white boots marching in a yellow land.  What is remarkable to me is that I know so many other veterans from other wars and from other nations who feel exactly as I feel.

I am recalled now of something I learned from a (then) North Vietnamese university student whose father had served with the North Vietnamese Army at about the same time I was over there.  I had an opportunity to meet him when he came to visit her in Seattle, where she lived while attending the University of Washington.

He turned out to be a real nice guy, in a quietly strong and dignified way.  It was easy to imagine him as a combat major leading by personal example.  As we sat down to supper, Lin Vinh raised her glass and said to me in faintly French accented English,

“Let us remember that soldiers do not start wars.  They only fight them.”

Memorial Day belongs to all of us now.  So we dedicate this edition to all those whose ultimate sacrifices were made in the unshakable belief that eventually, those would not have been made in vain and that it would not be necessary to die to know a land of peace.

We invite you to attend with us the 2004 Memorial Day celebration in Washington, DC., narrated by Gary Senise.  It does not come any better than this.  You folks have a great week.  And thanks again, then, eh, for the ear.


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This marks a new low in human behavior and strongly suggests castration in this life to save Satan the expense.  ‘Mass Rape’ Video Shocks Brazil

We certainly hope that the First Lady’s speaking at their commencement exercises helps this venerable American education institution find the funding it apparently now desperately needs.  Dreams Stall As CUNY, New York City’s Engine Of Mobility, Sputters

Join us, please, in congratulating these folks.  Video: The Winning Words


Map: There Are 5 Trillion Pieces Of Plastic Floating In Our Oceans

United Nations: Air And Water Problems Are Worsening On A Global Scale

Oil Hits $50 For First Time This Year

Rise Of Donald Trump Tracks Growing Debate Over Global Fascism  

W.H.O. Dismisses Call To Move Olympics Over Zika Virus In Brazil


Traveling Couple Bring Their Unique World View To China In Online Show

Arriving In Vietnam, Obama Aims To Lure It Away From China

Obama Lifts Arms Embargo On Vietnam

Super-Sizing Science — Five Ways China Is Leaping Ahead

SONY Profit Growth Hit By April Japanese Earthquake

President Obama Makes History At Hiroshima

China Promoting Tourism For Disputed Paracel Islands


He Survived Ebola. Now He’s Fighting To Keep It From Spreading.

U.S. Increases Antiterrorism Exercises With African Militaries

Last Liberia Sanctions, Vestige Of Civil War, Are Lifted

South Africa, One Nation United By The Grill

Tunisian Islamic Party Re-Elects Moderate Leader


U.S. Urges No Bail For Reza Zarrab In Iran Sanctions Case

Egypt Expels French Journalist In A Rare Move Against Foreign Media

Egyptair Enlists European Companies To Look For Black Boxes From Flight 804

Powerful Council In Iran Selects Hard-Liner As Chairman

West Bank Journal: A Window Into The West Bank’s ‘Wildest, Most Violent’ Areas


Harper Will Step Down As MP Before Parliament’s Fall Session

Labour Protesters Step Up French Action

Spain’s Wine Industry Is Hiccuping From Its Excesses

Lightning Injures Several People In France And Germany

Lesbos, A Greek Refuge For The War Weary And Vacationers

Behind The Barricades Of Turkey’s Hidden War

A Soviet-Era Mind-Set At The Market

How One Berliner Battles Hate: With Conscience And A Sharp Scraper

French Unions Clamor For Workers’ Rights, And Relevance

U.N. Suspends Torture Inquiry In Ukraine


Canadian Director Xavier Dolan Scores Polarizing Grand Prix Win At Cannes

Canadian Killed In Eqyptair Crash Remembered As Devoted Mother

Trudeau Chooses Two Women To Fill Top Diplomatic Positions

Toronto on the Lookout for 2 Escapees — Rodents From a Zoo

Dozens of Women Vanish on Canada’s Highway of Tears, and Most Cases Are Unsolved

Canadian Ambassador, A Hero At Home, Tussles With Protester In Ireland


Police Officer In Freddie Gray Case Is Acquitted Of All Charges

Supreme Court Finds Racial Bias In Jury Selection For Death Penalty Case

Pleading For Peace In Chicago: ‘We Could Be Looking At A Blood Bath’

Autopsies Of San Bernardino Victims Reveal Details Of Carnage

Mark Salling, ‘Glee’ Actor, Indicted On Child Pornography Charges


First Arrest Made In Gang Rape Case In Brazil

Grass-Roots Anticorruption Drive Puts Heat on Mexican Lawmakers

Argentine Court Confirms a Deadly Legacy of Dictatorships

Venezuela Drifts Into New Territory: Hunger, Blackouts and Government Shutdown

Q. and A.: How Venezuela Fell Into Crisis, and What Could Happen Next

Mexican Military Runs Up Body Count in Drug War

Luis Álvarez, Leading Figure in Mexico’s National Action Party, Dies at 96

Michel Temer Aims to Restore Confidence in Brazil’s Economy

Transcript Suggests a Plot Behind Effort to Oust Brazilian President

Mexico Prepares to Counter ‘the Trump Emergency’

Galápagos Islands Gain a New Guardian as Ecuador Moves to Protect the Park


‘How Can The People Of Australia Trust Either Of You?’

Adam Whittington Says Channel Nine Using Him As ‘Scapegoat’

GPS ‘At Breaking Point’ Over Medicare Rebate Freeze

Man Charged With Murder Of Melbourne Teen Found In Mineshaft

Items Belonging To Missing Man Rye Hunt Found In Brazil

Thousands Protest Against Baird Government, Westconnex In Sydney



Report Warns Of Climate Change Disasters That Rival Hollywood’s


Deadly Blasts Rock Assad Strongholds

Video: Is ‘Destroyed Syria Airbase’ Used By Russia

Afghan Taliban Announce New Leader

U.S. Says Its Strikes Are Hitting More Significant ISIS Targets


From Cuba To Miami By Providence And A Homemade Boat

Video: Footage Of Migrant Boat Capsize Released

Italian Navy Saves 135 Migrants On Sinking Boat

At Venice Biennale, Germany Makes A Case For Welcoming Refugees




Hi Mishka:

It is the end of May which means the end of school and more inspiring messages for youngsters.  Quoting Obama words at Rutgers University: “Ignorance is not a virtue”.  I read more graduation speeches in a recent article in the Guardian article featuring J K Rowling, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other prominent personalities sharing their experience.

But while for the University Class Of  2016 graduates the time is now to decide future careers, behind them some ten to fifteen years is a new digital generation preparing for the world they will inherit.

They always delight me, these young people, with their profound knowledge in many areas one would not expect from people so young.  How did they become so wise so early in life?

Designed in the mid 1960s by the American government as a secure communications system, academia acquired it by the mid 1980s and a decade later ~ about the time the Class of 2016 was born ~ so was the Internet, in basically the form we know it now.

Since then, it has in grown one-hundred fold.  While about 15 years ago it was mainly games youngsters were interested in, now we witness more cognitive aspects of their activities evolving using tech devices.

Curiosity is a very human trait and one necessary for its survival.  As Darwin pointed out, survival belongs to the most adaptable.  Adaptability is about appropriate choices and appropriate choices are about knowledge.

So of course, children are eager to learn about the entire world around them.  Thanks to the exponential growth of the information gathering and storage technology, it has become easier than ever before to satisfy this Darwinian predicate.  Here is an example of what happens when you turn a kid with sweet tooth curiosity loose in a candy store of information.  How a 15-year-old discovered an ancient Mayan city

I recently watched a funny video which illustrated how thoroughly the Internet has become a part of the entire human experience.  It was a one-year-old child trying to press a photograph on a paper magazine cover, assuming it was a big tablet.

Here are some “Tips For Exploring Science With Children” helping parents become part of their child’s digital learning experience.  Definitely such cartoons as kikoriki explaining science in a simple way will also help kids on their way to knowledge.

That’s it for this week.  Stay safe, my cousin Mishka.

Olya Bereza, European Editor  To comment for publication, email her c/o 


Where has one of North America’s foremost kayaking photojournalists and writers been lately and who or what has he been shooting.  Try Northern California’s Mother Lode.


A Medieval Castle – That Floats?

Tiger Cave: Asia’s Secret World Heritage Site


I think this is fantastic.  Galápagos Islands Gain a New Guardian as Ecuador Moves to Protect the Park

We’ve had personal experience with this confederation so while this pleases us, we are not surprised.  Where Dentists Are Scarce, American Indians Forge a Path to Better Care

This kind of behavior is one of the reasons I admire this man so much.  Jimmy Carter, Seeing Resurgence of Racism, Plans Baptist Conference for Unity

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I mourn for these people but this did not need to happen.  Woman trying to prove ‘vegans can do anything’ among three dead on Everest. Two more missing and thirty sick or frostbitten.

There’s a suite in Hell reserved for those who did this to this innocent creature.  Bubba, a puppy found high on meth and heroin, goes to rehab in Orange County

I hope he is found innocent of these allegations.  Judge Orders Bill Cosby To Stand Trial For Sexual Assault


I think the mountain is trying to tell us something.  The gruesome reality of Mt Everest

This, I thought, was stunning.  I’ve been here.  Yellowstone In 1871 And Today

This Is Absolutely Incredible.  China’s ‘Air Bus’ Rides Above The Traffic


Mars Closest To Earth On May 30

A Spat Over The Search For Killer Asteroids

How Stone Age People Buried Their Dead


Solar Storms Key To Life On Earth?

Could This ‘Mars Base Camp’ Really Send Astronauts To The Red Planet In 2028?

On Its Second Try, NASA Adds Space To Station


Video: Tiny Robot Can Fly And, Amazingly, Rest

Video: China’s New Deep Sea Submarine

Dutch Firm Trains Eagles To Take Down High-Tech Prey: Drones


Better Public Transit = Better Health

In Oregon, Diesel Exhaust Kills 460, Costs The State $3.5 Billion

The Cost Of Solar Power Keeps Falling—But It’s Not All About Price

More Muscle Added To National Equity Mapping Tool

10 Lessons From Bike-Friendly Cities Around The World


The Incredible Walking Wheelchair

Baby Boxes Cut Infant Mortality In Finland—U.S. Cities Give Them A Try

What If Mental Health First Aid Were As Widespread As CPR? New York City’s Planning To Do It

Vitamin C Super Fruit


It’s No Accident: Advocates Want To Speak Of Car ‘Crashes’ Instead

Remembering Harriet, The Famous Bald Eagle Who Healed Veterans Wounded Like Her

As Boomers Retire, Mom-And-Pop Businesses Convert To Co-Ops To Save Jobs



Be yourself

All buried feelings are buried alive.

Daniel Gottlieb

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There are two singers who have had a profound impact on my life.  Both of them are named Barbara.  One of them, of course, is the immortal Ms Streisand.  Here is the other.

Some will associate Aaron Copland’s Fanfare For the Common Man with the Olympics.  This rendition takes it another direction and powerfully so.  This will leave you trembling.  Yep, please go here.

This clip is from my all time favorite movie and I love it because it’s true.  What Will You Do, Jeff Smith?




KIKORIKKI ~ a truly fun way to experience science


A super power no longer, a resource hungry and repressive America faces a Latin American armada rampaging its west coast and a strong, silent and powerful Canada manning the North Wall.  The fires of rebellion burn in the Pacific Northwest and it is into this crucible and forge that the cybernetic patrol boat Testament and her crew of three men and three women are thrust.  Individuals of duty and conscience both, when they join the other side, all Hell breaks loose.  A rollicking adventure for anyone who loves the sea, a good yarn and characters which spring to life even as Testament herself leaps the waves.  Now available in both paperback and Kindle at

A super power no longer, a resource hungry and repressive America faces a Latin American armada rampaging its west coast and a strong, silent and powerful Canada manning the North Wall. The fires of rebellion burn in the Pacific Northwest and it is into this crucible and forge that the cybernetic patrol boat Testament and her crew of three men and three women are thrust. Individuals of duty and conscience both, when they join the other side, all Hell breaks loose. A rollicking adventure for anyone who loves the sea, a good yarn and characters which spring to life even as Testament herself leaps the waves. Now available in both paperback and Kindle at






















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There are, I have recently learned, actually only 35 kinds (phyla) of animals in the world.  But the range they cover?  Incredible.

For New York City’s feral felines, Video: It’s a Cat’s Life

No offense to the people who live here but after reading this?  I’m glad I live 3,000 continental miles northwest.  Man-eating crocodiles captured in Florida


The 27-Metre-Long Giant Sea Monster

Squids And Octopuses — The ‘Weeds Of The Sea’ — Are On The Rise

Island Rattlesnake Colony Gives Small-Town Massachusetts Jitters


The Cornell University Lab of Ornithology’s May 2016 NestWatch newsletter is now available and this is one of their most interesting yet.


Video: When 70 Tiger Sharks Surround Your Dinghy

Bizarre Sea Monster Shows How Strange Life Gets After An Apocalypse 

After 70 Years Of Waiting, WWII B-17 Gunner, 94, Revisits Britain. And Dies Quietly There.


The Northstar Journal:  The Magazine With Heart

The Northstar Journal: The Magazine With Heart

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