Even Or Perhaps Especially On Valentine’s Day, Sometimes I Think It’s Best To Be Alone

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February 13, 2016  Vol. 9 No. 192  437th Consecutive

Rusty Miller – Editor

Olya Bereza – European Editor

A Facebook Post:  Sometimes I think it's best to be alone!

A Facebook Post: Sometimes I think it’s best to be alone!

Even Or Perhaps Especially On Valentine’s Day, Sometimes I Think It’s Best To Be Alone

Hi again from the shores of the Salish Sea.  Tomorrow, Sunday, February 14, much of the world observes a holiday with rather modest Christian beginnings.  St. Valentine’s Day has grown down the centuries and now rather than saintly love, it celebrates romantic love all over the planet.

Paradoxically, February 14, with its considerable build up and relatively swift let-down can also be a very rough period for some.  It is a tough time not to be with someone, even more difficult if one has lost the “someone” they wish they were with.

There is another kind of loneliness which we tend not to see even when it is dramatically pointed out to us.  It is the loneliness of what I call “being special.”  It means being “loved” not for whom one is but for what one is.

As I look at especially the Valentine’s Day fashion photography industry, it is very easy to understand this other loneliness and a model’s need to be alone with it.  Glamour is transient and often requires ~ even demands ~ cosmetic enhancement and being someone the model is not.

How incredibly lonely it must be to be adored by so many for the wrong reasons. How easy it seems to be for millions of us to forget that these beautiful women and men are also someone’s child, sibling, parent and friend.  Photos and posts like this one on Facebook should serve to remind us.

Have a great week, gang.



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This is un-flipping-believable.  Chicago Officer, Citing Emotional Trauma, Sues Estate Of Teenager He Fatally Shot

What are the 20 most populated nations on the planet?  See if yours is one.

Happy Valentine’s Day, all.  Hope this enhances.  The five types of Latin kisses ~ If couples kiss in this romantic alley, their love will endure



Thousands Of Lives At Risk Unless Who Reforms Now: Un Report


Video: Taiwan Quake: The Moment A Survivor Was Found

Dozens Injured, Arrested As Hong Kong Activists Clash With Police Over Holiday Food Stalls

Korea Joint Venture Halted After Tests

U.S. Drawing Southeast Asia Closer With California Summit

North Korea To Freeze South’s Assets At Kaesong Industrial Park

Taiwanese City Moves Against Builder’s Holdings After Earthquake

Familiar Story For Thai Soccer As An Election Prompts ‘A Civil War’


China’s Exodus Of Capital

Britain Accuses China Of Violating Treaty In Hong Kong Bookseller’s Case

China Injects a Heavy Dose of Ideology Into New Year’s Eve Gala

China Says Its Students, Even Those Abroad, Need More ‘Patriotic Education’


Facebook Loses A Battle In India Over Its Free Basics Program

Video: Exploring India’s ‘Dead’ Car Auctions

India: Deworming Campaign Begins

Top Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Defends Colonialism In India

Mark Zuckerberg Makes Clear He’s Against Colonialism In India

Wild Leopard Enters School And Attacks Six People


Rebels In Eastern Congo Kill 6, Kidnap 14 In Village Attack

South Sudan Leader Appears to Take Major Step to End Conflict

Rivals Disrupt Jacob Zuma’s Speech on South African Economy

Nigeria Vexed by Boko Haram’s Use of Women as Suicide Bombers

Young Bombers Kill 58 at Nigerian Camp for Those Fleeing Boko Haram

Security Fears Hang Over African Marathons

Tunisian Town Simmers With Unrest Over Lack of Jobs and Investment

Somalia: Residue From Explosives Found in Jet, Airline Says

Nigeria: Separatist Groups Deny Any Role in Ship’s Hijacking

Jacob Zuma, South African Leader, to Repay Part of Money Spent on His Home

Bomb Suspected in Deadly Explosion on Somali Jet

Somalia: Plane Lands After Explosion

Nigeria: Ship’s Hijackers Make a Threat

Middle East

World Powers Agree Syria War Pause Plan

The Big Four In Saudi Arabia’s Government

Scanning Borders, Israel Surveys New Reality of Tunnels and Terror

Six Killed in Shooting Rampage in Saudi Arabia

Death Toll From War in Syria Now 470,000, Group Finds

No ‘P’ in Arabic Means No Palestine, Israeli Lawmaker Says

U.S. and Russia Announce Plan for Humanitarian Aid and a Cease-Fire in Syria

As Syria Devolves Further, Allies Criticize American Policy

Ayatollah Khomeini’s Grandson Is Disqualified From Elections

Yemen: Airstrike Kills Family in Capital


Russian Companies Rush to Return to Post-Sanctions Iran

Russia Announces Surprise Military Drills in South

Russia Detains 7 Suspected of Planning Terrorist Attacks

Russia Presents Revised Claim of Arctic Territory to the United Nations

Russia: Putin Opponent Is Attacked After Veiled Threat

Activists Block Russian Trucks In Ukraine’s Zakarpattia Region

Only 6% Of Moscow’s Demolished Properties Illegal – Court

Russian Women — They’re Just Not That Into You

Russia’s Medvedev: Syrian Conflict May Become ‘Permanent War’

Soros: Russian Regime Will Face Bankruptcy In 2017

Russia’s Sochi Resort To Host Kiss Competition At High Altitude

Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Files Lawsuit Against Putin


A Three-Ring Circus In Finland: Soldiers, ‘Loldiers’ And Asylum Seekers

German Trains In Deadly Head-On Crash

Erasing Franco’s Memory One Street At A Time

German Economy Expands By 0.3%

Latvia Has A New Leader, As Fears Of Russia And Migration Rise

Mine Kills Civilians as Fighting Heats Up in Eastern Ukraine

Tempelhof Airport, Once a Lifeline for Berliners, Reprises Role for Refugees

Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister, Steps Down

French Watch U.S. Cast of Political Characters With Fascination

Ireland: Nationalist Tie to Hotel Killing

Observatory: Portraits of an Older Michelangelo Indicate He Had Arthritic Hands

Credit Suisse C.E.O. Asks for a Cut in His Bonus

Geneva, a City of Diplomacy, Brims With Totems of Peace and War

The Vatican

Video: Why Pope And Patriarch Meeting Matters

Francis’s Visit To Mexico Comes As Country Struggles With Many Ills

Pope Urges Peace In Mexico’s Poor, Violent Corners

Priest Abuse Victim Is Suspended From Vatican Panel

Church Confronts Abuse Scandal at a Famed German Choir

United Kingdom

The Top 10 Wildlife Photography Locations In Britain

The Independent, Once A British News Power, Will End Its Print Edition

Traditionalists Rebuffed as Parliament Turns the Page on Parchment

Letter of Recommendation: Letter of Recommendation: William Blake’s Grave

Britain’s Global Banking Hub Is Mostly Leery of an E.U. Exit

Palace of Henry VIII Holds First Catholic Service in Nearly 500 Years

British Effort to Identify Potential Radicals Spurs Debate Over Profiling 

‘Basil,’ Fugitive in England’s Biggest Heist, May Be Ex-Policeman


Vancouver-Area Home Flipping Leads To Call For Inquiry

Liberals’ Vow To Legalize Pot Creating Chaos, Police Say

National Bank Quickly Takes Writedown On Embattled Maple Bank

B.C. To Investigate Profiteering By Vancouver Realtors

New Security, Humanitarian And Diplomatic Efforts – Canada’s Changing Role In The Fight Against Islamic State

U.S. Backs Canada’s New Is Mission Ahead Of Coalition Meeting

United States

Built Up By Oil Boom, North Dakota Now Has An Emptier Feeling

Draft Registration For Women Would Stir A Sleepy Government Agency

Unsafe Lead Levels In Tap Water Not Limited To Flint

Californians Fight Over Whether Coast Should Be Rugged Or Refined

Supreme Court Deals Blow To Obama’s Efforts To Regulate Coal Emissions

LA To Spend $1.9bn On Homeless Crisis

Google Boss Becomes Highest-Paid In US

Oregon Standoff Ends as Last Militant Surrenders

Latin America

Migrant Group’s Desperate March Through Mexico

A Reporter Travels Through Venezuela, A Country Teetering On The Brink

Anxiety Rises In Mexico As The Peso Tumbles

Venezuela’s Justices Support More Power For The President

Falling Asleep to Grenades: Mexicans Tell Pope How They Live

U.S. Plans To Resume Commercial Flights To Cuba This Year

Guillain-Barre On Rise In Five Latam Countries, No Proven Link To Zika-Who

Oceana & Polynesia

Australian Skier Chased By Snow Leopard

Australia Reacts to U.N. Decision on Julian Assange

Sydney Hackathon Creates New Apps For Refugees

Vets Give Baby Kangaroos A Fighting Chance After Brutal Bushfire

13 Bloody Beautiful Australian Foods That Americans Need To Eat


Climate Change & Weather

Ice Sheet Releasing Mississippi River’s Worth Of Phosphorus

West Likely To Be Stormier With Climate Change

7 Smarter Ways To Talk About Climate Change

The Rainfall Of 20 El Niños In One Big NOAA Graphic

Climate Impacts Could Last Twice As Long As Human History To Date

What’s Missing At The UN Climate Panel’s Meeting On Climate Change Communication

Early Farmers Changed The Climate (And We’re Still Feeling It Today)

The Solution To Climate Change That Has Nothing To Do With Cars Or Coal

Espionage And Terrorism

Islamic State Wife Charged In U.S. Court For The Kidnapping And Death Of An American Aid Worker

ISIS Widow Charged Over US Hostage Death

United Arab Emirates To Bolster Its Efforts Against ISIS, U.S. Says

Defense Secretary Says Anti-ISIS Coalition Has Agreed To ‘Step Up’

Terrorism Suspects Are Posing as Refugees, Germany Says

U.S. Issues Sanctions Against Three ISIS Leaders

Refugee Crisis

Dozens Dead As Two Migrant Boats Sink

France To Dismantle Part Of Migrant Camp Near Calais

Ai Weiwei Art Project In Berlin Features Refugee Life Vests

Merkel Urges Patience On Refugees Ahead Of Crucial State Elections

Zika Virus

Obama To Request $1.8-Billion (₤1.25 Bn) To Fight Zika.

Brazilians Have To Learn To Think Like A Mosquito

‘Strongest Evidence’ Of Zika Effect

Video: Can Fish Help Stop Spread Of Zika Virus?

NIH Officials Accelerate Timeline For Human Trials Of Zika Vaccine, Saying They Will Now Begin In The Summer

Who Issues New Travel Guidance For Pregnant Women, Others Headed To Zika-Affected Countries

Zika Virus Test Is ‘Weeks, Not Years’ Away, W.H.O. Says

Prepare For ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ With Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes, Experts Warn



Hi Rusty:

For me the most important event this week was the meeting of East and West Christianity Leaders: “Pope And Patriarch Make History With First Meeting In 1,000 Years”

The origin of controversy lies deep in history and mentality of West and East and parts of the Roman Empire that were separated for nearly 400 years.  Modern Catholicism, laws and western way of life was born in Rome and remained in that tradition.

The Orthodox Church, on the other hand, was established in Byzantine Empire or so called Eastern Roman Empire, with its capital in  Constantinople. Here, the doctrine was mostly affected by the Greek ancestry of these lands.

In Kiev, Christianity came from the Byzantine Empire in 988.  And after fall of Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1453,  this part of the land remained the heiress of the Orthodox Church.

I did not tell you this before but my second life began on Easter 2011 when Orthodox and Catholic celebrations coincided and for me it is very symbolic.  I still remember a magic feeling of having a green leaf in my hand after weeks in hospital.

Love does not have boundaries. And His religion is love

That’s it for this week.  Stay warm, my cousin Mishka.

Olya Bereza, European Editor


Good for you guys!  And good for Syria, especially.  U.S. And Russia Announce Plan For Humanitarian Aid And A Cease-Fire In Syria

I suspect they are not the only Faith doing this but I still think it’s cool.  What These Christians Are Giving Up For Lent: Fossil Fuels

Thank you, Mr. President.  With 3 California Sites, Obama Nearly Doubles Public Land He’s Protected

More Good Examples

Four  Charts That Show How Public Land Is Good For Rural Areas

The Pew Charitable Trusts Column: Protecting Sharks

A Kentucky Domestic Violence Shelter Helps Women Grow Food—And Confidence

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I’m really not sure whether this is a bad or good example.  I probably won’t know until after I stop laughing and that’s probably not going to be for awhile.  Spaniard Pulls Six-Year Sickie

Finally I’m getting a little agreement on this.  Car As ‘Driver’—What Could Go Wrong?

This certainly needs to change.  Beyond Volkswagen, Europe’s Diesels Flunked a Pollution Test

To comment, email us at minstrel312@aol.com 


Scientists are studying remote and climate-extreme places on earth similar to those on Mars to see if life can survive.  Check this one out here

Why do I see a big “oh oh” in this?  VIDEO: Artificial intelligence buys stocks

Here’s a chance for five minutes of fame.  The BBC is sponsoring a photo contest entitled  Show Us What You Love About Our Planet


Icy Volcano In Chile About To Erupt? 

An Island Only Helicopters Can Reach

What Would Happen If Gravity Stopped?


Hundreds Of Galaxies Found Hiding Behind The Milky Way

Explore Mars In This New 360-Degree Video From NASA

Physicists Detect Gravitational Waves From Violent Black-Hole Merger

Lightning Strikes, Seen From International Space Station


The Tesla Of Go-Karts

How To Survive A State Of Surveillance

Very Psychedelic Animation Aims To Show How The Sun’s Magnetic Activity Works


The Supreme Court Could Block Obama’s Climate Plans, But It Can’t Stop Clean Energy

Despite Cheap Oil, Portland Wind Company Surpasses Sales Record

Got Polluted Air? A Good Biking Network Can Help

CA Solar Industry Job Growth Reaches Record Levels


If BMI Is The Test Of Health, Many Pro Athletes Would Flunk

How Safe Is It, Really, To Eat Food Grown In An Urban Garden?

When Will Our Meat-Filled Diets Go Post-Animal?

Why We Forget Certain Words

Why Thinking Of Death Warps Your Mind

Overly Critical Parenting Linked With Persistent ADHD In Kids

The Happy Marriage Is The ‘Me’ Marriage

That Loving Feeling Takes A Lot Of Work

The Sustainable-Marriage Quiz

To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This

The Joy Of (Just The Right Amount Of) Sex

Do You Have A Generous Relationship?


Secret Languages Of The Underworld

Video: Cartoon Smartphone Lessons For Parents

The Truth About Sex Robots

How Far Can We Get Without Flying?


Strange Monsters That Prowled Australia

Stunning Time-Lapse Video Captures How An Astronaut Sees Lightning

Just Opened, Pompeii: A Roman City ~ Stunning Ancient Artifacts Are On Show At The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts Until September.


testament amazon.com cover


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This reminds me of an old Grade B science fiction movie.  Except it’s true.  The Great Toad War

Maybe they don’t like all their relatives being used for soup.  Record Number Of Shark Attacks On Humans In 2015

I wonder how much he enjoyed this.  Turtle Gets Flight In A Private Jet »


Pronghorn Antelope Reintroduced In North Central Washington

Watch: Sharks Found Inside An Active Volcano…Alive

How To Live In Boiling Water

Folks We Follow

FeederWatch is a joint project of Bird Studies Canada  and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology   Their newsletter discusses a world-wide bird census taking that ends February 15, a little late to actually participate THIS year.  But it’s important enough to share with you so you can plan to join in when it comes around in 2017.  So for more information not only about the Great Backyard Bird Count but the organizations sponsoring it as well, please go here.

The Cornell eLab February 2016 newsletter is now online and as usual, it is full of great information and interactives for the casual and ardent birdwatcher alike.  Please go here.

The Cornell eLab’s Nestwatch Report is now available online.  Please go here.


Amnesty International



GritTV With Laura Flaunders

Help End World Hunger & Poverty | Heifer International® | Heifer.Org

Mother Nature Network

National Wildlife Federation

No Camels – Weekly Israeli Innovation News

Ocean Conservancy

Outside Magazine

The Rainforest Site

SeaDoc Society: People & Science Healing The Sea

Showcase Magazine:  Today’s Media For Artful Living

Sierra Club

Sightline Institute

The Sun Magazine

Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Extra Magazine

World Wildlife Fund

Writing For Peace

YES magazine


Video: Frozen ‘Car Park’ Unexpectedly Melts

Newly Discovered Tarantula Species Named After Johnny Cash »

Watch: Lightning Bolt Strikes Water Just Yards Away From Men


Okay, before you go, I want to tell you about a weekly magazine and ask you a question.  This is a well-crafted publication draws its news and information from over two dozen different sources world-wide.  It also includes:

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