A weekly ezine of news, commentary, health, humor and general interest The Magazine With Heart

A weekly ezine of news, commentary, health, humor and general interest
The Magazine With Heart

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Pacem, Libertatem, Justitiam

August 16, 2015  Vol. 8 No. 48

Rusty Miller – Editor

Olya Bereza – European Associate Editor

Dennis Steussy – American Associate Editor



Hi again from the shores of the Salish Sea.  Well, it is a mixed bag this week, between headline news and email from you folks.  We’ll respond to the latter first.

In response to the sympathy expressed for how hard it is to let go of certain bad memories ~ in this case, the young Japanese waitress who attempted to show me where Ground Zero is in Nagasaki ~ I think that some events in life, however tragic, are not meant to be forgotten.

They serve, instead, to remind us of the tragic foolishness of some policies and courses of action, personal and as a nation.  In this case, it is my unswerving belief that we must stop using nuclear fission as both a fuel source and as a weapon.  When philosophy fails, it is time for the heart to assume command.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish India a 69th birthday, which that nation celebrated yesterday, Saturday, August 15.  We have quite a few readers in that country and we’ve followed especially the progress women have been making in a culture which appeared so male-dominated that rape on public transportation for decades went unmentioned in the media and absent from the crime and punishment dynamic.

We also realize that India is much older than her freedom from British domination.  Like many nations in the world, she is the sum of races, religions and cultures born in the flickering fires of prehistory.  We are honored by her presence in the International Community and proud of the progress she has made toward granting all of her citizens the same rights and protections under the law.

We were also very gratified to watch the re-opening of the American embassy in Cuba.  Fidel Castro’s acidic remarks notwithstanding, we see this as long overdue and congratulate all concerned on the progress made thus far.  May it, of course, continue.

Thanks for the ear, then, gang.  Have a good week.  And remember this magazine is ~ in large part ~ supported by small contributions from folks like you.  To drop a dollar in the sugar can, please go here


This is not good news and our prayers are with him.  Jimmy Carter Says He Has Cancer

I so totally agree with this.  How rude! Smartphone fury  What your phone behaviour says about your character (yes, even if you’re listening to someone unbearably boring).

Here we go again in this city it is beginning to look like God forgot.  Emergency Declared in Ferguson After Shooting


China Blindsides Global Markets With Biggest Cut To Its Currency In Two Decades


For French-Algerians And Algerian-French, No Place To Truly Call Home

Suicide Bomber Kills 3 In Nigeria

Libya Seeks Airstrikes Against Isis Branch


Japan Restarts Sendai Nuclear Plant

N Korea Vice-Premier ‘Executed’

Provincial Minister In Pakistan Is Killed In Apparent Suicide Bombing

A North Korean Defector’s Regret

Emperor Akihito Expresses ‘Deep Remorse’ For Japan’s Role In World War Ii

South Korean Leader Marks Anniversary Of War’s End With Warnings To North Korea


Death Toll Rises After China Blasts

Fires Still Burn At China Blast Site

Video: Aerial Tour Of China Explosions Site

Video: Bacon, a Sign of the Times in China

Tianjin Officials Struggle To Contain Fallout As Angry Relatives Demand Answers

Graphic: Maps, Videos And Photos Of The Blasts


India Sues Nestle Over Maggi Noodles

Deadly Gunfire Traded In Kashmir

What India Day Celebrations In The U.S. Say About The Indian-American Diaspora

5 Women Accused Of Being Witches Beaten To Death In India

Find The Real India: Dance In The Streets Of Gujarat


Pakistan Probes Child Abuse Scandal

Suicide Bomb Near Kabul Airport

Turkey Hit By Series Of Attacks

Red Cross Offers Workshops In International Law To Hamas

Yemeni Government Faces Choice Between A Truce And Fighting On


German Treason Inquiry Dropped

Greece Says Bailout Deal Agreed

Possible Surface-To-Air Missile System Found At MH17 Crash Site, Dutch Prosecutors Say

Greece Economy Returns To Growth

Eurozone Economy Grows By 0.3%

Amid Perilous Mediterranean Crossings, Migrants Find A Relatively Easy Path To Greece

40 Migrants Found Dead In Sea Rescue

Wolves, Resurgent And Protected, Vex Swedish Farmers


Russia Profile

Russia’s Moskva River Catches Fire,.


Pope Celebrates Assumption Angelus At St Peter’s Square


Scottish Seabird Centre Launches 2015 Photography Competition

MPs Unite To Launch Cross-Party Group To Put Endangered Species On The Agenda

Ocean Film Festival Returns To The UK



Harper Promises Travel Ban To Places That Are Hotbeds Of Terrorism

Low Crude Prices Not Flowing To North American Consumers At The Pump

Toronto Housing Market Faces High Risk Of Correction, CMHC Warns


Teacher Shortages Spur A Nationwide Hiring Scramble (Credentials Optional)

Locked In Solitary At 14: Adult Jails Isolate Youths Despite Risk

How California Is Winning The Drought

After Protests for Racial Justice, Activists Ask: What Next?

California Town, United By Drought, Is Split Over New Water Park

Why Starbucks Prices Went Up As Coffee Beans Got Cheaper


Pain of Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis Is Weighing on the Little Guy, Too

The Cars Of The Cuban Trade Embargo

Kerry Strikes Delicate Balance In Havana Trip For Embassy Flag-Raising

Ecuador Declares Emergency After Volcano Erupts Near Capital


Video: Will Australia Vote On Gay Marriage

Macbeth… In Maori



Kurdish Role In Fighting ISIS In Syria Is Crucial To U.S., But Is Alarming Turkey

N.S.A. Used Phone Records Program To Seek Iran Operatives

ISIS Enshrines A Theology Of Rape

Young Mississippi Couple Linked To ISIS, Perplexing All

Taliban Present Gentler Face But Wield Iron Fist In Afghan District


Video: Pakistan Monsoon Flood Toll Hits 170

Climate Change To Kill High-Altitude Cloud Forest Plants

Video: Europe And Egypt Swelter In Heatwave


If my home and native land had mail carriers like him, it would not take a fortnight for snail mail to get from the Sunshine Coast to the Newfoundland Banks.  Meeting Mali’s Most Dedicated Postman

This is ambitious and I bet they pull it off.  I mean, these are people who ride dog sleds to work and eat poutineCanadian Scientist’s Mission: Barcode Every Single Species On Earth

Good for you guys!  Zimbabwe Bans Hunting Of Lions, Leopards And Elephants


Housing For Homeless Veterans Is Planned For Ex-Walter Reed Site

Video: Cruise Ship To Ease Kos Migrant Crisis

With Clemency From Obama, Drug Offender Embraces Second Chance


Ooops.  This had to be more than a little embarrassing.  Environmental Agency Uncorks Its Own Toxic Water Spill at Colorado Mine

Why does this irritate the living Harold out of me but does not surprise me in the least either?  Mississippi Ban On Adoptions By Same-Sex Couples Is Challenged

I don’t imagine Her Majesty is real thrilled about this.  Why do I see SAS and the Royal Marines in the future of these utter disgraces to motherhood?  Video: ‘British Smugglers’ Trafficking Migrants


Once before I die, I want to experience this place.  The Most Electric Place On Earth — At One Lake In Venezuela, Lightning Flashes 28 Times Each Minute

 This question has been asked since the dawn of recorded history.  Since the dawn of mine, I have been wondering what the hurry is.  How Fast Can Humans Travel?

This is so cool.  The Car That Runs On Sunshine


Hunting The Blue Yeti Of Bhutan

The Coldest Place On Earth

What Is At The Centre Of Earth?


The Moon Passed In Front Of The Earth. Why Wasn’t There An Eclipse?

After Pluto, What Should NASA Explore Next?

Multimedia Feature: Rosetta Follows A Comet Through Perihelion


Miniature Cottages Prove The Ideal Nurseries For Rare Beetles

The Secrets Of Extreme Survivors

Enchroma’s Accidental Spectacles Find Niche Among The Colorblind


Facial Recognition Software Moves From Overseas Wars To Local Police

The Sports Car Of Submarines

Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas In A Bruising Workplace


The Earth Observatory’s mission is to share with the public the images, stories, and discoveries about climate and the environment that emerge from NASA research, including its satellite missions, in-the-field research, and climate models.


Scotland To Ban GM Crop Growing

Documentary Highlights Marine Debris Problem

The World’s Tiniest Homes


Your House Or Mine?  A surprising number of couples live apart by choice or by necessity. Here’s how they handle the two-household tango.

High Tech Hope for Repelling Mosquitoes

Eating Spicy Food Linked to a Longer Life

Many Older Women Don’t Need Vitamin D Supplements

Answers About Campus Depression and Suicide Risk Among College Students

Alone and Ghosted Living With Cancer

Cut The Fat To Lose Weight


We’ve collected what we consider the most wholesome, family-oriented and genuinely humorous comic strips we could find on the Net.  They include:  Adam@Home, Calvin & Hobbes, Emmylou, For Better or For Worse, Foxtrot Classics, Garfield, Get Fuzzy, and Peanuts.  Either click the banner or this link.


Seldom Seen Straited Or Hairy Frogfish Takes A Walk On Camera

Actress Virginia McKenna On 30 Years Of Born Free And The Battle To Save The Surrey Hills

The World’s Most Famous Whale?


 Small Testament Cover  



A tale of insurrection and war in an America of a dark and distant future

For a preview, please go here  

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This reminds me of the film BuddyGorillas with human eyes

This kind of reminds me of a seagull named JonathanLittle Tern’s Air Miles Equal Two And A Half Times Round The World

If this doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, you need to take the yellow brick road to Oz and ask that Wizard chap for a heart.  Dramatic Update On Douglas The Orphaned Hippo


New Golden Jackal Species Discovered

Do Animals Fight Wars?

The Weird Lives Of Chameleons


Aging A Whale Or Dolphin

Animal Daily News – National Geographic

Attracting Wildlife To Your Garden

Creating A Wood

Discover Kielder: A Guide To This Magical Forest

Dive Sites In The World – 50 Best

Diving With Marine Wildlife

Identifying Birds And Mammals In The Field

Koala Facts

Looking After An Orphaned Hippo

Red Panda Facts

Relocating Giraffes

Whale Sharks – A Field Guide

White Rhino Facts

Wildlife Finder – BBC


Amnesty International


Grittv With Laura Flaunders

Help End World Hunger & Poverty | Heifer International® | Heifer.Org

Mother Nature Network

No Camels – Weekly Israeli Innovation News

Outside Magazine

SeaDoc Society: People & Science Healing The Sea

Showcase Magazine:  Today’s Media For Artful Living

Sierra Club

Wildlife Extra magazine

World Wildlife Fund

Writing For Peace


Video: A Chapel To Honor El Chapo?

Hunting A Himalayan Myth

The Flip Side Of Optimism About Life On Other Planets


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MERRITT SCOTT MILLER Bio Wrath of the Testament Author and Northstar Journal editor Merritt Scott (Rusty) Miller is a former newspaper reporter who has published extensively in the Pacific Northwest and several times nationally. A U.S. Navy veteran of the Vietnam War, he began his career in the alternative media of the mid-Seventies. His own Sacramento-based monthly ~ Rapline ~ drew praise from Sacramento BEE metro columnist Herb Michelson in a column published that that newspaper; and from Berkeley Film Quarterly editor and author of the bestsellers Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging, Ernest Callenbach. A Northern California native with roots in British Columbia, Mr. Miller has written for several Northwest community newspapers, United Press International, the daily Portland Oregonian and for such Seattle publications as the Post-Intelligencer, The Seattle Press and the University Herald. As an investigative reporter for the McMinnville, Oregon News-Register ~ and in conjunction with CBS News in New York, Washington, DC and Flagstaff, Arizona ~ Mr. Miller localized a story of alleged Contra gun-running by an international air freight company headquartered in that Willamette Valley community. During the 1987 Angel Complex Fire in southern Oregon, Mr. Miller worked as the lead dispatcher for the U.S. Forest Service and covered the disaster for National Public Radio and as a special writer for the Portland, Oregonian. His 1988 series on child abuse for a rural weekly earned him praise from the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association. In his career as a journalist, Mr. Miller has interviewed a Nobel peace laureate; an internationally renowned abstract artist; a popular folksinger and various Pacific Northwest elected officials, include a state treasurer and governor. An accomplished travel book writer, Mr. Miller has penned demographic and feature copy for the “Best Choices” series on Eastern Washington, British Columbia, Virginia, South Carolina and Atlanta. As either a contract or staff publicist, he has served a host of clients including the Olympia Music Festival, Umpqua Valley Community Hospital, the City of Canyonville, the Tiller Ranger District, The English School, the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners, Yamhill County Assessor Kim Worrell and Workers of Oregon Development. His freelance publications include: United Press International, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Portland Oregonian, Forest World, American Trucking, Trucks, Oregon Adventures, Oregon Education, Old Oregon, The Entertainer, the Seattle Press, the San Juan Island Sounder, Northwest Passage, Northwest Connection, Seattle Source, Seattle Forum, the University of Colorado’s Writers Forum, Clouds, The long Beach Literary Journal and the Pacific Media Group. He has worked since the age of 13 and has been a hop harvester, professional musician, civil servant, forester, convenience market clerk, lumber mill worker, temporary word processor, technical writer and editor. He has also led a social services research and development team and has six years of radio and telephone communications experience. His interests include astronomy, aviation, camping, Canada, communications, conversation, cooking, dancing, economic development, education, environmentalism, exploration, film/DVDs, fine dining, government, green technology, health. History, human rights, International community, Internet media, law, literature, marine engineering & design, medicine, music, nature, networking, outdoors, pets, photography, romance, science, sexuality, technology, travel, water, wildlife His honors and awards include: Letter of Appreciation - Amnesty International; US Senator Patti Murray Letter of Appreciation for The Northstar Journal Blog; Editors Choice, International Library of Poetry; Congressman Edward Murray Letter of Appreciation; Congressman Frank Chopp Letter of Appreciation; Hersch Best Read on the Net Award for The Northstar Journal; President Bill Clinton Letter of Appreciation; Workers Of Oregon Development Certificate of Appreciation; City of Canyonville Police Department Certificate of Appreciation; City of Canyonville Mayor’s Office Certificate of Appreciation; California Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird Letter of Appreciation; Northwest Magazine Editorial Board Letter of Appreciation for Rain; Editorial Award, Society of Professional Journalists; Sacramento Bee Metro Column; Honor Roll: California State University Long Beach; Deans List: Long Beach City; Mr. Miller currently resides in Seattle, Washington, where he continues to edit and publish The Northstar Journal. He is working on two novels concurrently and a sequel to Wrath of the Testament.
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