A weekly ezine of news, commentary, health, humor and general interest  The Magazine With Heart

A weekly ezine of news, commentary, health, humor and general interest
The Magazine With Heart

News & Commentary, From the Ukraine: Olya Updates Us, Good Examples, Bad Examples, Our World & Beyond, The Green Agenda, Health, Lifestyle, Northstar Comics, Best of the Net, All Creatures Great & Small, Northstar Endorses, You Guys Think I Make This Stuff Up, About Us

Pacem, Libertatem, Justitiam

May 10, 2015 Vol. 8 No. 33

Rusty Miller – Editor

Denny Steussy – Associate Editor

Olya Bereza – European Associate Editor

These are springing up all over Seattle and other cities.  You trade with your neighbors a book you have read for one you have not.  I’ve always believed you can tell a lot about a person by the literature they consume.  I am learning that I live in a very Heights, in Seattle)  Photo by Rusty Miller interesting neighborhood (Victory Heights, Seattle, Washington, USA)

These are springing up all over Seattle and other cities. You trade with your neighbors a book you have read for one you have not. I’ve always believed you can tell a lot about a person by the literature they consume. I am learning that I live in a very Heights, in Seattle) Photo by Rusty Miller interesting neighborhood (Victory Heights, Seattle, Washington, USA)


Hi again from the shores of the Salish Sea.  As many of you know, I am not a fan of sharks.  My fear of them has very little basis in reality, which says a lot about my cultural programming in these regards.  I realize most of them are not interested in eating us.  They are essentially gentle creatures who kill to feed and to protect themselves and their families.  This, however, still freaked me out a little.  Epic great white hunt filmed

We also join the world in a late commemoration of Victory in Europe Day.  Olya Bereza, our European Associate Editor who was born in Russia when it was still part of the Soviet Union and now lives in the Ukraine said even those who weren’t even alive during the Second World War remember it with a mixture of joy and sadness.  My prayer is that sooner or later, it will be anniversaries of a lasting peace that we celebrate with such passion.

And finally, we would like to wish the female parents of the world a Happy Mothers Day.  Most of us wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for you.  Nurturing our youth is the most important job in the universe and the Good Lord knows it does not “pay” nearly enough.

Thanks for the ear, then, gang.  Have a good week.  And remember this magazine is ~ in large part ~ supported by small contributions from folks like you.  To drop a dollar in the sugar can, please go here


I am sorry but when I saw this headline, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.  What happened when an anti-Semite found he was Jewish?

As long as this can still happen somewhere on the planet, our species is not beyond salvation.  From farmworker to farm owner: One man’s story of the American dream

Let us pray that we never need to celebrate such a victory again.  Events mark end of WW2 in Europe



Young African Migrants, Enticed by Smugglers, End Up Mired in Libya

Kenya Takes on Its Own Worst Enemy

Ranger Killed By Poachers In Garamba National Park, Democratic Republic Of Congo

The Republic Of Congo And United Arab Emirates Destroy Ivory Stocks Liberia, Ravaged by Ebola, Faces a Future Without It

After Ebola Outbreak, Liberian Churches Confront Crisis of Faith

SA Opposition Elects Black Leader

Egyptian Court Upholds Mubarak Verdict


Taiwan And China In High-Level Talks

Shanghai Enacts Curbs on Business Dealings of Officials’ Relatives

Nepal, Before And After The Earthquake

Monsoons Near, Nepal Focuses on Sanitation to Stem Illness After Quake

Hundreds Of Rohingya Rescued At Sea


China, Pursuing Strategic Interests, Builds Presence In Antarctica

Lenovo: ‘Massive Security Risk’ Found

Chinese Drone Maker DJI Gets Lift From Accel Investment

Russia And China Sign Cooperation Pacts

Chinese Debate the Meaning of Alan Mak’s Election to the British Parliament

Student Protest Derails Chinese Military Visit to Hong Kong Campus

China to Russia: Putin Is a Hunk. Now, About Those Gas Prices.


Court Suspends Salman Khan Sentence

Reader Tips on Finding a Partner Using Indian Marriage Sites

PM’s ‘Emotional’ Trip To Belur Math He Wanted To Join As A Boy…. 

Modi Pitches For Cooperative Federalism…. Urges Chief Ministers To Join ‘Team India’…. Inaugurates IISCO Steel Plant At Burnpur..

Photos: The Beautiful Moment Shashi Kapoor Received His Award And Posed For Selfies


Benjamin Netanyahu Forms Israeli Government Minutes Before Deadline

Massacre Site in Iraq Becomes Monument to Suffering for Shiites

Israel: An Unblinking View

Saudi Arabia Announces Cease-Fire in Yemen

Map: Old, New and Unusual Alliances in the Middle East


Europe’s Economic Growth Forecast Is Raised

French Army Is Buying Fleet Of Ford Pickup Trucks

E.U. Commission Opens Antitrust Inquiry Into E-Commerce Sector

In Paris, Craft Cocktails Sidle Up To The Bar

U.N. Official Accuses France Of Delays In Child Sexual Abuse Case

Greece Will Make Next Debt Payment, Varoufakis Says

Siemens To Cut 4,500 Jobs, Half Of Them In Germany

French Nuclear Model Falters

Armenia Official Criticizes Turkey For Genocide Denial

France Opens Criminal Inquiry Into Charges Of Abuse By Peacekeepers In Africa

Dutch Activist Faces Trial Over Profanity-Laced Tirade Against King

Germany Limits Cooperation With U.S. Over Data Gathering

France: Claims Of Abuse By Troops Prompt An Inquiry

U.S. And European Scientists Sign Cooperation Pact 

News Analysis: Familiar Swing To Security Over Privacy After Attacks In France


With Imports Banned, Russian Cheese Fills the Need for Brie

Rogue Spacecraft Burns Up On Re-Entry

Russia And China Sign Cooperation Pacts

Russia Shows Off Ordnance in Victory Day Parade

Russian Court Sentences Ex-Official To 5 Years In Prison In Corruption Case


UK ‘Must Tackle Email Epidemic’

Photo Contest: Hidden Britain

Cameron Sweeps To Unexpected Triumph In British Election

Election 2015 Scotland

Scottish Nationalists Rejoice In Big British Election Win



Canadian Planes Prevented From Landing In Nepal

Investigations Show Soldier’s Death Not Fault Of Canadians, General Says

Notley Eases Fears, Promises To Work With Energy Sector


An Atlas Of Upward Mobility Shows Paths Out Of Poverty

A Flu Epidemic That Threatens Birds, Not Humans

Drone Use To Be Expanded In US

U.S. Economy Added 223,000 Jobs in April; Unemployment Rate at 5.4%

Senate Easily Passes Bill For A Voice On Iran Nuclear Accord

Inquiry To Examine Racial Bias In The San Francisco Police

Justice Department Will Investigate Baltimore Police Practices


Venezuela’s Economy Suffers as Import Schemes Siphon Billions

Young Guatemalan Farmers Fight For Land Rights, Local Food, and Sustainable Traditions Endangered by Global Trade Deals‏

‘Hermit of the Jungle’ Guards a Brazilian Ghost City Rich in History


Government Announces Major Changes To Childcare System

Police Call For Calm After Melbourne Teen Charged Over Terror Plot

Children Hit In WA Rally Car Crash Believed To Be Standing In Approved Area: Police

Sydney Pair Seriously Injured In Dog Attack

Osteoporosis Cases Going Undiagnosed And Untreated, Doctors Say

Australia Provides Further $10m Funding For Nepal Earthquake Recovery



Climate Drives New Era In Arctic Sea

New EPA Carbon Rules Would Save Thousands Of Lives, Science Says

Dear Climate Scientists: Just Tell It To Us Straight, Please


ISIS Claims US Prophet Cartoon Attack

N.S.A. Collection of Bulk Call Data Is Ruled Illegal

Accused of Spying for China, Until She Wasn’t


A scene from the Ukrainian countryside. Tourist Resort in Opishnya village Photo credit:  Inside of Living Facebook group

A scene from the Ukrainian countryside. Tourist Resort in Opishnya village Photo credit: Inside of Living Facebook group

Hi again, Mishka:

Here is an update on the Inside of Living project.  Travelers of Inside of Living project already covered about 250 miles and in their Facebook group they share unique picturesque photos.

The people on the way are very friendly, helping with shelter and food. And most of them share their striving for peace.

If you want to give travelers advice, simply speak out with any questions about a project interesting you or just give regards from your city to cheer them up, please feel free to write to Nastya Evsiukova

Here is more news from the Ukraine.

A Candid Interview With Vladimir Putin On Ukraine

Ukrainian Artists Occupy Russian Pavilion At Venice Biennale 

No Visa Liberalization With EU For Ukraine And Georgia At Riga Summit

There Was Heroism And Cruelty On Both Sides

Battle Tested, Ukraine Troops Now Get U.S. Basic Training

Stay warm, Mishka.

Olya Bereza – European Associate Editor


We agree with this totally and it is what happens when one not only thinks outside the box but also totally ignores the box.  California has a real water market — but it’s not exactly liquid

I think it is very good for all concerned that she has done this.  Lynch Visits Baltimore in First Official Trip as Attorney General

Here’s another reason for admiring her.  Singer Shania Twain becomes a Leopard Ambassador »


If our species has a shred of conscience, we will not allow this to continue.  ‘Unthinkable atrocities’ in Aleppo

Some people NEVER learn.  Sigh.  Syria Is Using Chemical Weapons Again, Rescue Workers Say

This needs to stop, wherever it is still going on.  Federal prisons must stop messing with inmates’ mental health


The answer to this one might surprise you.  The healthiest waters on Earth?

I love it when he does things like this.  Seattle’s mayor gums up Shell’s Arctic drilling plans

I hope this doesn’t happen to us.  Last mammoths spent final years on solitary island


Ten Lost Giants From Earth’s Past

Why We Should Electrify The Ocean

Making Sense of the Chemistry That Led to Life on Earth


What You’d See In A Black Hole

The Underground Space Sleep Lab

Just Like You, NASA Wants To Send Your Kids To Mars — But For Different Reasons


How the Bombardier Beetle’s Bomb Goes Off

Ghostly Voices From Thomas Edison’s Dolls Can Now Be Heard

Trying to Stay Ahead of Earthquake Disasters


The Cycle For Sun-Lovers

Why Number 2,147,483,647 Matters

An App That Helps Drivers Earn the Most From Their Trips


The Earth Observatory’s mission is to share with the public the images, stories, and discoveries about climate and the environment that emerge from NASA research, including its satellite missions, in-the-field research, and climate models.


Are The Leftovers From Home Remodeling Trash Or Treasure?

Grass-Roots Push In The Plains To Block The Keystone Pipeline’s Path

This Tool Could Help Montreal Cyclists Route Around Bad Air

In Germany, Elderly Bike Messengers Will Deliver Your Local Veggies

What Farm Cooperatives Can Do For The Food System — And Farmers


Ovarian cancer blood test ‘boost’A 14-year UK trial of regular blood tests shows such success in early detection of ovarian cancer that it could lead to a national screening program

More Women Find Room For Babies And Advanced Degrees

Instead Of Feeling Bad About Being Single And Childless, This Woman Started An Awesome Farm

What Are The Most Eco-Friendly Nuts?

If You Could Photograph Motherly Love, This Is What It Would Look Like Around The World

African Diet May Lead Away From Colon Cancer


We’ve collected what we consider the most wholesome, family-oriented and genuinely humorous comic strips we could find on the Net.  They include:  Adam@Home, Calvin & Hobbes, Emmylou, For Better or For Worse, Foxtrot Classics, Garfield, Get Fuzzy, and Peanuts.  Either click the banner or this link.


Amazing Video: The Moment The Nepal Earthquake Happened

Waterfalls in Northern Georgia – A video

The Sensational World Of Sharks


Small Testament Cover


It is an America gone mad from the addiction to war and desperate for resources beyond her own borders.  A military dictatorship controls the country and life is grim. The Republic is fighting for its very survival and for decades, especially with Latin America.

This is the world of the United States Coast Guard cutter Testament, a cybernetic patrol boat, and her six-person crew.  Her mission, and those of her sister craft, is simple.

Quench the rebellion and stop the flow of Americans seeking refuge in Canada. Kill when expedient.  Deliver the survivors to the Bellingham Re-Education Center.

A simple operational order and one which has served America well.  Until Testament

For a preview, please go here   To purchase the kindle book at for $3.99, please go here. To purchase the novel in paperback, please go here.

THE BACK COUNTRY GALLERY’S new free monthly nature wallpaper is available here.  Lens jockey Steve Perry also has a newsletter offering a great deal of cool stuff for wildlife photographers, amateur and professional, alike. 


Political, Classified and Commercial Writing, Editing, Proofing

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Online Writing Tutoring

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Special Projects

Online, from my computer to yours,

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We totally loved this.  I think Mr. Audubon himself would have, as well.  The ten sexiest male birds

This is VERY moving.  Film footage show Cholita the abused ex-circus bear taking first steps to freedom

Good.  I hope this helpsBTO launches appeal to help farmland birds »

The SeaDoc Society’s monthly news letter is now available.  Articles include: Tufted Puffins get endangered species status and Track a rescued Steller sea lion

Bird lovers alert.  The Cornell University Lab of Ornithology’s monthly newsletter is now available.  Dive Into The Sagebrush Sea—Airing May 20 on PBS Nature and Name That Species.  This issue is especially good, I thought.


Size Matters For The Goldenrod Soldier Beetle

These Mites Live On Your Face


Living With Wildlife

BBC’s Wildlife Finder

National Geographic Daily News – Animals


Amnesty International

Grittv With Laura Flaunders

Help End World Hunger & Poverty | Heifer International® | Heifer.Org

No Camels – Weekly Israeli Innovation News

Outside Magazine

The SeaDoc Society: People & Science Healing The Sea

Sierra Club

Wildlife Extra magazine

World Wildlife Fund

Writing For Peace


The Doctor Who Cut Out His Own Appendix

VIDEO: Solider Hauled Into Air By Huge Flag

Cow Who Was Issued Admit Card Does Not Appear For Examination


The Northstar Journal is an international news, commentary and general interest weekly Internet magazine.  We go out by direct email to readers in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Oceana.  We also have a website linked to both Facebook and Linked-In.  We started out in 1999 as a monthly and a year later, added a Canadian edition.  We had people on the ground in Bosnia and the Nisqually Earthquake and won awards for our coverage of a war and a major geologic event.  When our Canadian editor, Shannon Goddard, passed away from cancer, we ceased publication and resumed again in 2007 in our present incarnation.  We do accept advertising but remain largely supported by the contributions of our readers.  If you, personally, enjoyed this edition and would like to drop a dollar in the sugar can, please go here  For more information and to receive us in your email, contact us at



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MERRITT SCOTT MILLER Bio Wrath of the Testament Author and Northstar Journal editor Merritt Scott (Rusty) Miller is a former newspaper reporter who has published extensively in the Pacific Northwest and several times nationally. A U.S. Navy veteran of the Vietnam War, he began his career in the alternative media of the mid-Seventies. His own Sacramento-based monthly ~ Rapline ~ drew praise from Sacramento BEE metro columnist Herb Michelson in a column published that that newspaper; and from Berkeley Film Quarterly editor and author of the bestsellers Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging, Ernest Callenbach. A Northern California native with roots in British Columbia, Mr. Miller has written for several Northwest community newspapers, United Press International, the daily Portland Oregonian and for such Seattle publications as the Post-Intelligencer, The Seattle Press and the University Herald. As an investigative reporter for the McMinnville, Oregon News-Register ~ and in conjunction with CBS News in New York, Washington, DC and Flagstaff, Arizona ~ Mr. Miller localized a story of alleged Contra gun-running by an international air freight company headquartered in that Willamette Valley community. During the 1987 Angel Complex Fire in southern Oregon, Mr. Miller worked as the lead dispatcher for the U.S. Forest Service and covered the disaster for National Public Radio and as a special writer for the Portland, Oregonian. His 1988 series on child abuse for a rural weekly earned him praise from the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association. In his career as a journalist, Mr. Miller has interviewed a Nobel peace laureate; an internationally renowned abstract artist; a popular folksinger and various Pacific Northwest elected officials, include a state treasurer and governor. An accomplished travel book writer, Mr. Miller has penned demographic and feature copy for the “Best Choices” series on Eastern Washington, British Columbia, Virginia, South Carolina and Atlanta. As either a contract or staff publicist, he has served a host of clients including the Olympia Music Festival, Umpqua Valley Community Hospital, the City of Canyonville, the Tiller Ranger District, The English School, the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners, Yamhill County Assessor Kim Worrell and Workers of Oregon Development. His freelance publications include: United Press International, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Portland Oregonian, Forest World, American Trucking, Trucks, Oregon Adventures, Oregon Education, Old Oregon, The Entertainer, the Seattle Press, the San Juan Island Sounder, Northwest Passage, Northwest Connection, Seattle Source, Seattle Forum, the University of Colorado’s Writers Forum, Clouds, The long Beach Literary Journal and the Pacific Media Group. He has worked since the age of 13 and has been a hop harvester, professional musician, civil servant, forester, convenience market clerk, lumber mill worker, temporary word processor, technical writer and editor. He has also led a social services research and development team and has six years of radio and telephone communications experience. His interests include astronomy, aviation, camping, Canada, communications, conversation, cooking, dancing, economic development, education, environmentalism, exploration, film/DVDs, fine dining, government, green technology, health. History, human rights, International community, Internet media, law, literature, marine engineering & design, medicine, music, nature, networking, outdoors, pets, photography, romance, science, sexuality, technology, travel, water, wildlife His honors and awards include: Letter of Appreciation - Amnesty International; US Senator Patti Murray Letter of Appreciation for The Northstar Journal Blog; Editors Choice, International Library of Poetry; Congressman Edward Murray Letter of Appreciation; Congressman Frank Chopp Letter of Appreciation; Hersch Best Read on the Net Award for The Northstar Journal; President Bill Clinton Letter of Appreciation; Workers Of Oregon Development Certificate of Appreciation; City of Canyonville Police Department Certificate of Appreciation; City of Canyonville Mayor’s Office Certificate of Appreciation; California Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird Letter of Appreciation; Northwest Magazine Editorial Board Letter of Appreciation for Rain; Editorial Award, Society of Professional Journalists; Sacramento Bee Metro Column; Honor Roll: California State University Long Beach; Deans List: Long Beach City; Mr. Miller currently resides in Seattle, Washington, where he continues to edit and publish The Northstar Journal. He is working on two novels concurrently and a sequel to Wrath of the Testament.
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