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Sunday, February 3, 2013
Volume 6, No. 8
Published by
Northstar Media Services
Merritt Scott (Rusty) Miller – Editor
 Seattle, Washington

Poland, Jr.


Hi again from the shores of the Salish SeaWell, this week, I’m thinking about how self-sacrificing some human beings can be even when confronted by an incarnation of Satan himself.  I’ve met a few of both, been one several times and victimized by the other more times than I care to remember.

I doubt this one particular hero I’m thinking about thought of himself as such.  From what his son and daughter said on television, he was a real good dad.  He was also, according to others who were also bearing witness to this crisis, totally dedicated to his job.  The human beings under his custodianship became “his” children.

I also sense this particular hero was as familiar as anyone in the community with the bully who turned out to be a hitman from Hell.  The guy was a total nut case but apparently not dangerous enough to himself or others to be either committed or incarcerated.  At least not in the rural part of a mostly rural state where they all lived.

I’m reasonably certain this school bus driver knew that he would not survive, one way or another.  Had he given up the kids on the bus to the bully, the bully would have killed several of them and probably him too anyway.  Even if he’d survived, he’d have lived in a penitentiary of guilt worse than any Sing Sing or Alcatraz.

So he resisted and bought most of the kids the time to escape.  He was a big man and with the adrenaline going, I’m not surprised he took those four bullets.  I hope that he experienced what some heroes do, that moment of absolute clarity when you experience what it’s like to be doing something so totally right that it just doesn’t seem to really matter whether you survive or not.  I suspect that while Heaven may not be a harpist’s paradise, it is a land of considerably less uncertainty and doubt.

Like everyone else, I’m praying the little boy captive in that bunker makes it.  I’m also hoping the bully does not.  It is one thing to be one French fry short of a Happy Meal.  It is another to murder someone in cold blood and kidnap and hold hostage a disabled child.  He deserves to be taken out and permanently removed from society.

I hope that is done before his example inspires yet another loose cannon willing to kill for Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame.


What are the cleanest cities on the planet?  The results just might surprise you.

Warfare is about to change more dramatically than it ever has before with the advent of camouflage which actually renders whatever is using it invisible.  Canadian scientists invented it, the Pentagon is backing it and plans are already underway to deploy it.

If these allegations are true, the two major drug companies which produce the most potent of cancer painkillers are probably the most recent additions to the Devils Book of Imminent Arrivals.  Johnson & Johnson and Novartis have been accused of delaying the availability of a much less expensive generic version of the drug, leaving thousands who cannot afford the more expensive one suffering possibly the worse pain imaginable.  Nice going, guys.  Really flipping nice of you.  I’m personally boycotting every product these two companies produce.


Australia:  Matthew Allen, 18, Found After 9 Weeks In The Australian Bush

China:  China’s Energy Appetite Bodes Well For Big CoalBeijing Takes Emergency Steps To Fight SmogChinese Firm Will Run Strategic Pakistani Port At GwadaChina Manufacturing Growth In January WeakChina Pollution: Cars Cause Major Air Problems In Chinese Cities

Egypt:  Egypt’s Leader Declares State Of Emergency In Three Cities, Protests Grow On Fifth Day Of Unrest In Egypt,  Egypt’s Government Apologizes After A Beating Is Televise

France:  French Lights To Be Dimmed To Save Energy, French President Hailed In Mali, But Doubts Are Raised On Victory

India:  India Gang Rape Suspect To Be Tried As Juvenile

Israel:  Israel Girds For Attacks As Syria Falls Apart

Japan:  Japan Launches Two Intelligence Satellites Into Orbit

MaliWith Fighters Gone, Malians Welcome Normal DaysFrench And Malian Soldiers Capture Timbuktu, Canadian Special Forces On The Ground In Mali To Protect Canadians Working ThereTimbuktu Endured Terror Under Harsh Shariah Law, Militants Pulling Back From French In MaliMali Intervention: French Troops To Depart Quickly, Foreign Minister Says

North Korea:  North Korea Nuclear Test Confirmation Almost Impossible

Russia:  For Six Days A Year, Russians In Volgograd Will Remember “Papa Joe”,  Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Imprisoned Pussy Riot Member, Hospitalized,  Four Volcanoes On Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula Are Simultaneously Erupting

South Korea:  South Korea Rocket Launch: Satellite Reaches Space Weeks After North Korea Test

Thailand:  Thaksin Shinawatra Of Thailand Wields Influence From Afar

United NationsUN Panel: Israeli Settlements Are Illegal

United StatesU.S. Economy Shrinks For The First Time Since The Recession EndedChinese Hackers Infiltrate New York Times ComputersOfficials Back Deep Cuts In Atlantic Cod Harvest To Save IndustryU.S. Embassy Bombing In Turkey Was Suicide Attack; 2 Dead, Police SayMississippi River Oil Spill Cleanup Limits Barge TrafficJanuary Jobs Report: U.S. Economy Adds 157,000 Jobs; Unemployment Rate Up


Bark beetle isn’t wildfire culprit, scientists say

Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2013 Explores Global Climate Change Challenge


Syria War-Wounded Flee Across Border To Treatment In Turkey

Israeli Jets Attack Target Deep in Syria

Intense Fighting in Damascus – Photographs

Syrian Opposition Leader Softens Position on Talks with Assad

Syria’s Confirmation of Airstrike May Undercut Israel’s Strategy of Silence

Syria, Iran Threaten Israel With Retaliation For Strike


Canadian Special Forces have been deployed to Mali to protect Canadian citizens living and working there.  Both the Department of National Defence and a spokesman for the Minister of Foreign Affairs have said there is no combat mission involved.

Folks in downtown Montreal got treated to the birth of an urban river when a major water main burst and flooded a section of the city core.  It does not look like a good time was had by all.

Toyota Canada is issuing yet another recall.  This time it is of some 157,000 Corollas and Matrixes for airbag and wiper problems


Economy Canada: GDP Grew Better-Than-Expected

Best Buy Canada Layoffs To Hit 900 Workers; 15 Stores To Shut Down

Alberta Oil Spill: Up To 3,000 Barrels Spill Near Red Deer River Reports Plain


Despite the stereotype, one does not have to be liberal to be “green”.  Some ideas just make good sense no matter where on the political spectrum you happen to be.

We offer this interview of an individual I firmly believe is destined to go down in history as one of the greatest statespersons America has yet produced.  Ms. Clinton, with all due respect, you rock.

From war torn Afghanistan to Carnegie Hall was this young man’s epic journey.


Cardinal in Los Angeles Is Removed From Duties

Bringing (Human) Diversity to America’s National Parks

Plugged in: Oregon finishes I-5 quick-charge station corridor


Apparently, the problems with the Boeing 747 Dreamliner go beyond a battery that really wasn’t faulty in the first place.  It absolutely amazes me that a company with this much experience should be having problems like this.  On the other hand, I have also worked for Boeing, so I am not totally surprised.

The repression of reported child abuse by the clergy of the Los Angeles diocese of the Catholic Church is decades old, recently released records reveal, and suggests an almost Byzantine sanction of such practices by ignoring them.  We see a real estate boom in Hell around this one.

In response to a PETA led campaign, federal authorities closed down the Chief Saunooke Bear Park in Cherokee, North Carolina and fined the zoo’s owner $20,000 for failing to properly provide for the creatures under its care.


I am not a fan of nuclear energy because I am scared to death of nuclear fission.  So if it takes doing that to visit other planets, I think I’ll probably do Yellowstone next summer.  That having been said, there is apparently a nuclear rocket propulsion system which does not involve White Sands and Hiroshima nightmares and actually appears to be extremely safe and practical.  So maybe I’ll do Mars for my 75th birthday after all.  I mean how many times can you look at geysers and bears and not be totally bored, right?

Well, Japanese scientists have actually been able to photograph the thought of a baby Zebra fish as it hunts a paramecium.  This apparent landmark will enable neurosurgeons to eventually do the same thing in treating neurological disorders in human beings. 

Apparently, the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans and Toltecs were not the only peoples indigenous to the Western Hemisphere capable of stunning feats of monument building.  Check out this story from northern Louisiana, in the United States.


Andromeda Galaxy Picture: New Herschel Space Observatory Image Shows ‘Cool Lane of Stars’

Habitable Zone For Planets Redefined

NASA Launch: TDRS-K Communications Satellite Blasted Into Space By Atlas V Rocket


Curiosity Prepares For 9-Month Road Trip to Check Out Distant Mountain

Mars Rover ‘Opportunity’ Begins Tenth Year Of Exploration, NASA Says

Mars Crater Held Ancient Lake & Possibly Life, NASA Photos Suggest

Mars Rover Curiosity To Drill Into ‘John Klein’ Rock, NASA Says


The Biggest Carbon Sin – Air Travel

Canada vs. Australia: Rap Battle Determines Who’s Killing The Earth Faster

Your cat is a massive environmental hazard



Do homeopathic flu remedies work?  Apparently some of them do.

Here’s how misleading a health headline can be.  Veterans Make Up Shrinking Percentage of Suicides suggests that the rate among veterans is going down.  It’s not.  Suicides in America are increasing.

Here are six women’s health problems that can affect men.


Vegetarian Diet Can Reduce Heart Disease Risk By Up To 32 Per Cent

Heart Attack Symptoms: Study Finds Symptoms Can Be Different For Men And Women

Leafy Greens Leading Source Of Food Poisoning Illnesses, Study Shows


It’s been suspected for a long time that environmental factors contribute to the risk of contracting breast cancer.  For the latest on this, please go here.

Cancer:  What You Need to Know
American Cancer Society
Canadian Cancer Society


Well, here’s one you may or may want to try at home.  I did and it works.  Dirty laundry: How long can one woman go without washing her clothes?

We thought this next one was interesting.  I’ve done it but at the time, I was not living upscale in Manhattan and escaping to the piney woods wilds so I could have something interesting to tell my buddies when I got back.

I thought this one was interesting because it validates what a lot of people I know have done when they left good jobs, the security of a familiar social life and a pretty much everything they had ever known to move to a place that was healthier for them and those they loved.


For Women Headed For “the Front Lines, “First Pull-Ups, Then Combat,” Marines Say

Americans Closest to Retirement Were Hardest Hit by Recession

Generation Y And Religion: Meet 3 Millennials Who Have Kept The Faith


Even after living here for over 20 years, I found this time lapse video of a day of clouds over Seattle absolutely mesmerizing.

This Is What the Sky Could Look Like Over New York

NASA’s Photos Of The Week

In the Belly of the Boom in North Dakota – Audio & Photos

Animal Love Photos: National Geographic Previews Images Of Animal Affection










All photos used in Seattle Scenes, unless otherwise noted, were taken by the editor.  For a visual tour of the Northstar Gallery, please go here.

Everybody has their “dream machine”.  This happens to be mine.

Everybody has their “dream machine”. This happens to be mine.


Check out the South Lake Union housethat Craigslist built.”

Why Don’t We Have A Woman Mayor?

THE TODAY FILE:  “Your guide to the latest news from Seattle and around the Northwest”


Seattle Weather

Map of Seattle

Seattle City Cams

More Seattle Facts & Figures

Komo 4 News (ABC)

King 5 News (NBC)

Seattle Times


Well, here’s something that must be good news to millions.  China’s pet restrooms are now public.

Even the experts are at a loss to explain how a pet tortoise could have survived for 30 years lost in its family’s storage room.

Thanks to climate change, the wolverine population in America has declined so much it will likely be added to the Endangered Species List.  However, in one state, they’ve rebounded from virtual extinction.


They just discovered the fossil of a little dinosaur which could prove a missing link to flight.

Sex in the Wild (a First-Hand Account) by Eva Hayward

Baby Rhino ‘Bys’ Dances, Trots Around At Poland’s Warsaw Zoo (VIDEO)

Living With Wildlife
BBC’s wildlife finder
National Geographic Daily News – Animals


The air is so bad in China that one enterprising individual is selling the clean stuff by the can.


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